Ajax won’t help doctor shortage

Ajax won’t help doctor shortage



Due to the extreme shortage of general practitioners in Kamloops, we should be aware and concerned citizens are now driving to Logan Lake for access to a family doctor. Many of these people have serious health issues.

It is common knowledge (for example, in announcements in
KTW) Kamloops doctors are unable to find replacements for medical practices when they close due to reasons of retirement, health or relocation. 
This is a growing and serious problem throughout the Okanagan.

With the prospect of Ajax mine literally on our horizon, with its attendant negative aspects, where do you think doctors interested in establishing a practice in the Interior will chose to locate?  

Pat Kaatz


  1. They would not choose to locate in a community with a pulp mill and provincial jail, neither where there are high property, business tax and water rates.

    An affluent community would offset those concerns, primary industry creates affluence.

    Doctors make more money working out of clinics, without the business problems and overhead of running a practice and I would expect they would want to locate where there are clinics.

    The business model for health care has been changing, if you haven’t noticed.

  2. We have to somehow get to place where there is more or less a surplus of doctors. Right now they are dictating terms, and guess what the taxpayer should never be put in that position with public money.

  3. Interesting that someone would go to Logan Lake to find a doctor, since Logan Lake is founded on mining, with a long history of having more than one mine in it’s back yard. Perhaps having another mine near Kamloops would help the situation, not hinder it.

  4. What terms do you see being dictated? Please make a list.

    Their fees are set by the government.

    The number of patients they can see are limited by the government.

    The yearly requirements in training & inservices to keep their licence is set by the government.

    The only thing they “dictate” is where they choose to practise. They will work as locums (temporary docs) in almost any place that works for them, but they settle in places where they have the lifestyle and conveniences they want. High on their list of needs to settle permanently are a healthy place to raise children (Ajax makes that a non-starter until it is disallowed) and a health administration that is competent and flexible. Interior Health has a national – and some believe International reputation – of being incompetent, authoritarian and demanding. The morale among many professionals in the hospital has been low for more than a decade. Docs don’t want or need any of it.

  5. Sorry Pat….this is nothing more than a thinly disguised Anti-Ajax rant. You state that doctor shortages are affecting the whole region & province, right ? Is that because a proposed mine is being considered for Kamloops ? ( no, i really doubt that ) Nice try, though….and please, by all means…DO enlighten us all with your ideas on how to force more people into becoming doctors and working in Fruitloops. We’ll wait here, ‘kay ?



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