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Be patient on Ajax, please!


Alarmist innuendo and putting-the-cart-before-the-horse-type rhetoric does not serve the B.C. environmental process well.

We have B.C.’s environmental assessment office and the ministries of Health and Environment all answering to required mandates of the Interior Health Authority.

Surely that’s enough environmental protection — with the built-in measures — to exercise patience.

After all, not even KGHM is aware of the environmental reviews at this point. It’s been a rather lengthy process and, no doubt, very thorough.

Anyone can go on and on with plausible “what if?” speculative and unproven scenarios, not regarded as scientific, nor provable environmental evidence — but to what end?

Wouldn’t the greater good be served to exercise common sense and patience?

It just so happens the specific environmental professionals best qualified to report their findings work for said ministries.

I applaud anyone within  Kamloops’ 90,000-plus population who, like myself, are awaiting the results.

Les Evens



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  1. I agree 100%. All these doctors and special interest groups that are against the mine need to calm down and wait for the report to be finished. Complete speculation at this point.

    • There is no need to wait for the report to finish in BC. If the evironmental report goes against the project, simply make a sizeble donation to the Liberal Party and they will fly to Ottawa on the taxpayer’s dime to pressure the decision makers to ignore the findings of that report.

      • And that is precisely why a Federal Panel review would have been a waste of time and money. If a Federal Panel review said the mine was ok to go ahead you and many critics like you would have found some way to discredit the process. Mine critics are not looking for sound and reliable scientific information – the are looking for information that agrees with their position. If that information doesn’t agree then the process will be labelled as automatically flawed and corrupt. You basically said it already…You feel like you don’t have to wait for the report to finish in BC. You have all the information you need already, so what would be the point of a Federal Panel?

  2. Save the applause for the Kamloops Physicians for Healthy Environment who consider the 90,000 their patients .www.kphe.ca/

    • Reply to Lee Kenney. The site states “There is a substantial group of physicians and allied health professionals who are interested in protecting the health of the citizens of Kamloops” regarding the Ajax Mine in proposal.

      Why “exactly” are they holding back on revealing the number of Kamloops and the area Doctors involved ? Names please for the verification of the claim made “substantial group of physicians”.

      I mean how hard would this really be able to do and/or state ? I didn’t see it anywhere within the first page. Why the secrecy when using catch words like “substantial group of physicians” ? Please define substantial and/or be able to live with this reality ….. regarding the site, http://www.kphe.ca/

      Being fair then, I’ll equally bet that if that number were to be revealed? it might show “There remains a substantial group of physicians and allied health professionals whom “are not” sharing their colleagues P.O.V.’s regarding this Ajax Mine that is within proposal”. Possibly, and within that number of Doctors for all anyone knows? could be some higher qualified Doctors whom believe within the BC environmental controls and safeguards for our BC and Kamloops.

      Bottom line: there’s an awful lot of Doctors listed within our Kamloops area directory and I’m willing to venture an equal guess? a substantial number are very highly qualified Doctors and they “are not in agreement” with unfounded “putting the cart before the horse” type of rhetoric. They may (equally) be part of an embodiement of area Doctors awaiting for the scientific evidence that’s to be rendered in from the BC EAO and the BC MOH and the BC MOE, whom happen to answer to the required mandates – of the BC IHA.

  3. The question again is whether Kamloops as more value with the Ajax mine in place or not.
    Traditionally, while our province was been populated by our pioneers, the worth of the minerals was perhaps the only real measure of value there was.
    Nowadays, in our more broad-based economic model, which is certainly the case here in Kamloops, the worth of the minerals is facing tremendous challenges from a different perception of “value”.
    The broad-based economy has in itself great value. Higher “livability” perception is also a very important measure of value intrinsically tied to the economic well-being. The “Kamloops brand” was never a factor back then, it sure is now.

    • this is nice sounding fluff, but in reality, as we read the rest of this newspaper to see how much stress the needs of the city and region puts upon the budget, it is easy toi conclude that the “feel good” idea of Tournament Capital of Kamloops is not enough to keep the area financially afloat.

      The price we pay by not allowing industry in the area is that the city and province raises taxes. It amounts to those workers who actually bring new money into the region are supporting everyone else through taxation. Teachers, nurses, physicians, city staff, highways workers, and all other public employees do not bring new money into the area, they just put more stress on the tax base. The question is always, “from where is the money going to come?”

  4. Les, you should disclose your financial conflict when you write letters to the editor… What do the doctors have to gain? Have they all shorted AME? Give your head a shake. Those of us opposed to Ajax care about Kamloops and our communities health and livability!

    • Kerriann, I’ll engage that silly remark and state imo. that anyone whom truly believes (their called the proponents) that the Ajax Mine re-opening will be good for Kamloops and they have gone and to put some “meat” into it, good on them. They have every right to do so, and that’s despite – what you may think about that scenario, imo?

      Proponents to the Ajax Mine re-opening (obviously) care about Kamloops and our communities health and livability, because they live here to Kerriann and believe that it can be done “safely” with the safeguards of our BC environmental ministries (BC EAO, BC MOE, BC MOH) being and today’s “modern” mining technologies that are available.

      They have every right to that belief, unless of course Kerriann you can come forward and offer those BC environmental ministries mentioned (that safeguard our environment) better qualified and scientifically accredited information. Good luck – with that …

    • I have also asked if certain regular pro-Ajax bloggers are being compensated in any way for their comments, but they refuse to answer the question. Sounds like they are guilty to me.

      • Wow Nelsonx1, you’ve being posting as a regular opponent under this same name at the other newspaper (for many years now) and now you are here, under the same online alias used (and that’s your choice and right) that I will respect, BUT making statements like this wild and unsubstantiated guesswork – against others?

        Tsk…tsk for that kind of demeaning commentary used on the KTW .

        Each to their own, I suppose – but “not nice” . I would never state this of you and/or anyone on the opponent side regarding this badly made “compensation remark”

        • Just answer the question. No song and dance please.

          • Nobody is being paid by Ajax to post here. They just thing the process should be given a chance and that there are benefits from the mine coming to Kamloops. Having read all the anti posts I really can’t see anything but scare mongering. It really isn’t that close to the town and there is a hill between the mine and town that will be made bigger from what read here.

          • They may not be being paid by Ajax, but they’ll be putting all these comments on their resume… thinking they’re one of the thousands of people getting one of the hundreds of jobs at the mine…

          • Coming from a person using a pseudo name on this forum? Brilliant strategy, Nelson.

    • If that is the case then you and other mine critics (including those doctors mentioned) should disclose their financial portfolios in such things like mutual funds that potentially invest in resource based industries. Sound fair, Kerriann? I mean it is not fair to continuously go after Les about this and not look at how mine critics invest their money. Unless you feel that those investments are all in green-based initiatives with no impact on the environment.

      • Again this is not an anti-industry-wide campaign. It is this particular project.
        Let me write that again: It is this particular project.

        • I understand that you have that view, but the common theme I received from this issue by many critics that post here and on the old KDN is that the mining industry in general is dirty and can’t be trusted, “but” if it is located somewhere out of sight in someone else’s backyard then it is ok.

      • Les regularly hypes his AME investment. I don’t know about everyone else’s investments, just my own, and I know that none of my money is invested in anything that I would consider unethical or environmentally damaging.

        • Les can post that he loves his house and his lovely garden, but that doesn’t give you the right to know where he lives, who is neighbours are, how much he paid for his house, etc. Les is not required to provide you any intimate information on his investments in order to post so why even ask? It’s red herring which serves no purpose than to bully or intimidate those from expressing their opinion. What is even more hilarious is that folks calling for such transparency use usernames which are not their real names while their targets use their full name. Perhaps mine critics should provide their personal information before they post so I can feel comfortable that they know what they are talking about? That would be kind of silly and unfair – wouldn’t it? Debate should be encouraged – even from those you do not agree with. I am sure that even mine critics have skeletons in their closet so they should be careful about demanding transparency to such an extreme.

  5. Dear Editor:

    Isn’t there a limit on how many times the same person can post the same regurgitated information to the paper? Yes, we the NIMBYs are against AJAX mine because it’s location is literally right in our fine city’s backyard! If we had any confidence at all in the outdated Mineral Tenure Act and our province’s ability to perform a fair, high quality environmental assessment we would wait for the assessment and trust in the results. Our fear is that BC’s assessment of the impacts this mine could have on the environment may be clouded by the short term revenue it could produce.

    • In fairness and equality to Dave Verhoeff: If the same regurgitated information written to the paper? from the same old names opposed (yes, quite often) were to happen, along with their mostly unsubstantiated scientific evidence for Kamloops and/or their continually claimed “but what if? scenarios (because they simply – say so) then no Kamloopsians from either side or the p.o.v.’s shared would be heard, now would they?

      That would be a sad day for those that are responsible (KTW) to publish the news both ways and with objectivity. My P.O.V. is that you can trust the environmental professionals that are hired and working for the BC EAO and the BC MOE and the BC MOH that (all) answer to the mandates of the BC IHA, as adequate.

    • It should also be restricted to those that are not paid to blog propaganda on this site.

      • That would shut you down Nelsonx1. You are obviously being paid by who ever is behind the anti people. Probably getting paid in US dollars like the anti northern gateway people.

        • Do you know for sure or just speculating?

          • Not unlike the speculation mine critics use when they label people that support the project as being paid lobbyists, hacks, and shrills. I suspect he is speculating, but let’s face it Nelson sort of asked for it, so he is getting his own medicine. Doesn’t feel good when people call you something you are not just because they do not agree with you, huh Nelson?

      • Sounds like you have taken a page from Steven Harper’s muzzling government, Nelson. I guess you would rather close off much of this debate and create restrictions on who can post. Interesting how some environmentalists have adopted similar strategies from those they despise.

        Just because someone has different opinion doesn’t necessarily mean they are being paid to post on here.

        • Are you sure the Harper government is “muzzling”?
          That would be a surprise if you admit to that.

          • Why would that be a surprise? It would be a surprise if you thought that only government engaged in muzzling and that environmentalists did not edit scientific opinions to further their own agendas.

    • There are many people posting on this issue regularly – for, against and undecided. I see their usernames here and on the former KDN site also. If you are against this regurgitation then maybe we should restrict the number of times a person can blog on this issue, no matter what their stand on this issue is, to be fair. That would mean someone like Nelson could be restricted, but that would be a different situation…right? Strange how many mine critic dislike Steven Harper and the Federal Conservative Government, but adopt similar mentalities to restrict and censor.

  6. In the past i have heard about people buying a home near an airport or drag strip, and then complaining bitterly about the noise and demanding something be done. I had zero sympathy for them, they knew there was a drag strip that was still in use, so too damn bad. But i bought my house 20 years ago with no mine and be damned if i am going to tollerate one in my back yard. Sure i would like to see jobs for Kamloops, but thats the wrong kinda business waaay to close to town. The fact they wont do a test bladt proves they have something to hide.

    • For Kim Young – to note: The Ajax Mine in proposal was a running and operational mine before you purchased your home, but if you did not know that possibly – well okay. However, if you did know that F.Y.I. and purchased your home anyway then you ran the chance it may? one day have the possibility of re-opening for business. Many mines are re-opened after they are shown to have future viability. It’s not all that uncommon .

      AME discovered mineral viabilty within this old Ajax Mine location and proved it with a NI 43 – 101 compliancy and stated that Ajax Mine has a predicted resource of some 23 years viability. That attracted investors like KGHM whom now have an 80% stake in this mine. Btw. since that investment KGHM bought the Canadian Quadra Mining in Vancouver for a 3 Billion Dollar – all cash purchase.

      I’ll bet even money that KGHM can meet and/or even better yet? beat and/or exceed the BC environmental expectations. It’s all in play and time will tell ….

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