‘Business as usual’ means nothing new

‘Business as usual’ means nothing new


While campaigning for mayor in 2008, Peter Milobar said he was going to deliver three years of “business as usual” at city hall and he continues to be very successful at doing that.
But, “business as usual” can mean many things.
Here are just a few:
n Following instead of leading.
n Being careful.
n Playing it safe.
n Lacking vision.
n Not taking political risks.
n Not stepping out of line.
n Not questioning the status quo.
n Nothing new, thank you very much.
What excitement! What drama! What bravery! What a difficult job for reporters at city hall!
OK, I’m being facetious.
But, honestly, can you find anyone who is truly excited about what has transpired in our city since the mayor began his swinging of the gavel?
“Business as usual” is not what our world, nor our city, is craving.
“Business as usual” means things stay the same, no new ideas are necessary, no visionary or critical thinking is required and there are no serious issues that need our attention.
Besides, isn’t being politically safe necessary to fuel a long and illustrious political career?
Perhaps, but truly courageous leaders are not interested in the next election’s results.
Murphy Kennedy

Editor’s note:
Murphy Kennedy ran against Milobar for mayor in the
2008 civic election



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