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Native leaders and labour groups have same styles

Editor: I have long felt the disruptive tactics employed by native militants are patterned on those of organized labour.

Ritalin debate goes on

Editor: Ritalin is being widely prescribed (to one in 10 boys) for youngsters diagnosed with attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD).

Heartfelt thanks from curlathon

Editor: The Kamloops Regional Office of the Heart and Stroke Foundation would like to thank you for your support of our Heart and Stroke Curl-A-Thon held on Jan. 21 at Kamloops Curling Club.

Green agate taken

Editor: Just recently, I have had a personal assault which has been very hard on how I view the public.

Forest audit story clarified

Editor: This letter is in reference to a mistake in "Perfect audit for forest district," which was printed on page 11 in Kamloops This Week on Jan. 24.

Foolish to trust New Democrats

Editor: So the NDP is finally ready to acknowledge we are rapidly losing the fight to save our environment, the fight to govern our own country and the fight to maintain any signs of democratic procedure within our electoral system.

Readers voice opinions

'Encyclopedia' full of errors Editor: I read C. D'Amore's response to my letter with interest.

Opinions short but to the point

Pharmaceutical stages of life Editor: The three stages of life as prescribed by the pro-drug-the-kids lobbyists: ritalin in childhood, prozac in adulthood and viagra in...

Who will Liberals give tax break?

Editor: The mantra of tax cuts from Claude Richmond and Kevin Krueger is becoming monotonous.

Readers voice opinions

Grandfather's legacy Editor: I am responding to the woman who wrote two weeks ago to express concern about the descendants of Chinese who...

No mandate for flouride

Editor: The City of Kamloops has a mandate to provide clean drinking water for the community. It is now being forced by law to install a filtration system I hope will include ozone lamps. This would reduce, if not totally eliminate, the need for chlorine, which is a carcinogen.

Doctor a credit to his profession

Editor: Local health care has been dealt another blow with Dr. Brian Poelzer closing his office. We feel privileged having known Dr. Poelzer for 10 years as a neighbour, friend and family doctor. He has always been there for us, conscientious about the quality of care to his patients.

NAFTA benefits Canada

Editor: I am replying to Robert Waterton's Jan. 20 letter, wherein he blames the price of natural gas on the Progressive Conservative government and free trade. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Readers voice opinions

Teen's good works make family proud Editor: Thank you for the fine write-up and photo of our grandson, Garrett. We see this fine young...

Readers voice opinions

Ottawa gives, NDP takes away Editor: In July 1998, I was working in Vancouver as a Level 2 first-aid attendant and was earning close...

Science disproves evolution

Editor: I am responding to Bruce McNeely's Jan. 14 letter, headlined "Proof exists evolution is scientific."

Downloading affects taxpayers

I am responding to Don Cameron's Jan. 21 letter, headlined "Wake up, West."

Richmond defying the law of averages

Editor: As a frequent flyer, it concerns me when Transport Canada and Kamloops Airport Authority play games with the well-being of air passengers out of this airport.

Gun law vindictife and futile legislation

Editor: Why are we registering rifles and shotguns? According to a recent Statistics Canada study, rifle-shotgun misuse was a relatively insignificant part of Canadian violent crime committed in 1999.

Readers express their opinions

Come West, Mr. Dion Editor: Here we go again with the federal Liberals. It didn't take them long to tell the West where to go....