Fletcher in Liberal’s pocket

Fletcher in Liberal’s pocket



Re: Tom Fletcher’s column of Feb. 14: (‘Election budget sets the state’):

Fletcher obviously is in the Liberal Party’s pocket. Why else would he deflect the fact the Supreme Court decision on education has established the war on education and unionized workers was illegal?

While talking about the budget, not one word about the fact we are in significant debt.

As for health care, while Pat McGeer has laid the blame solely at the feet of the government, this “journalist” brings up “alternative facts.”

The only fact is here in Kamloops, in 1974, our acute-care hospital had 575 beds. Now we are at 230. Then we had a head physician and head nurse, now we have floors full of administrators.

Health Minister Terry Lake et al just spent nearly a half a billion on a new building — zero new beds, none.

How about the BC Ambulance service?

Not an essential service in the eyes of the Liberals unless it is bargaining time then, zingo — essential until they have time to legislate them a contract.

Check the number of ambulances in Kamloops; I think you’ll find the same number as 1974 when the service was implemented.

As for the NDP, well, Fletcher, that was last century and, as we have seen with the Liberals, deficit, hydro, all are growing exponentially.

It’s about time you started doing your job and exposing these fraudsters.

Kevin Bonell



  1. …”Fletcher obviously is in the Liberal Party’s pocket”. …and…pray tell, which party’s “pocket” are you in, he asked ? …..”While talking about the budget, not one word about the fact we are in significant debt”…and we have seen the results from both the ( Manitoba…for one ) NDP and ( Ontario / federal ) Liberals, that they don’t seem to care too much about any steenkin’ deficits either, right ? ( yeah…i am ) Also, the fact that people DO remember those NDP days of the 90’s, is the main reason they haven’t been elected since then, right again ? ( yes…yes I am ) Despite the constant whining that emanates from the Left, they still don’t get why people won’t vote for them. Believe me, our Liberals are not as bad as the 90’s NDP were…and that is all a matter of public record. No party can ever claim to be perfect but I’ll still take the Libs over the alternatives…and the majority seem to agree. Have a nice day, Kev…

    • Fletcher is an outright liar and the fact that his wife is in the party pocket makes anything that he says suspect. As for you Snuffy you are also in the same league with Fletcher because you don’t tell the truth. The NDP years were better in almost every economic indicator than the liberal years but you ignore even the right wing press liker the Sauder School of business from UBC which compares the two and shows that you are not telling the truth. The main reason NDP have not been elected is the Media which is in Christy’s pocket, it lies manipulates and omits just like the Media is doing to Trump. People don’t vote period so we get Christy who lies even about her Liberalism. looks like maybe we will get the Liberals again but who said that voters were smart.Why not reform the tax code so that we are not stolen with every policy that the Liberals make ? You know it does not take a rocket scientist that concentrated wealth buys political influence to dictate tax policy and in the process fleece the taxpayer. .

    • No Pierre. His job is to tell the truth. He can give us his opinions, but I have had enough “alternative facts” from the right. Trump & Conway didn’t invent that, Mulroney did, Harper improved on it, Clark has perfected it and Trump has stolen it.

  2. Although the Liberals brag about 5 balanced budgets in a row, they do like to glide over the immense debt, as Mr Bonell points out.

    What everyone misses – and Fletcher is the one who needs to tell the whole story not his convenient Liberal script – the 2015 budget was balanced by the last minute sale of prime land owned by the Crown on Vancouver Island.

    Why is this a bad thing? Oh, maybe because it was reportedly sold for $43 million less than market value, and it was sold to a land developer who is a staunch contributor of cash to the Liberal Party.

    Will Rogers was writing about the US but he was not far off the mark when he said, “We have the best politicians money can buy.”

    It’s time for the Liberals to go, and Kamloops is a key bell-weather riding to start the cascade in BC

  3. Well, I suppose if we still lived in the 1970’s this letter might make sense. But alas, that was over 40 years ago, and in case nobody noticed, a lot has changed in our societal makeup since then. Just because the NDP were in power in 1974 does not make that particular year one to base the future upon. Perhaps use the current decade and the associated societal requirements and current costs to comment upon the government’s decision making process.



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