Godspeed, Christal, you left a mark on my soul

Godspeed, Christal, you left a mark on my soul



There are people who come into your life and leave an indelible mark upon your soul.

A young lady came into our midst to be our youth worker.

Christal Lentz was always bubbly, happy and had a sincere love for children. Her soprano voice carried our group’s singing most Sunday mornings.

Her solos touched people in a way that was a miracle in action.

Only a few weeks ago, she stood at my right side as we prepared to lead the singing.

Between practice and the start of our service, we talked about what it was like for me being married and also about family life. She said she wanted to be married and have three kids some day.

Jan. 29 was a tough day for the Salvation Army corps in Kamloops.

Christal’s time with us was completed and her obituary tells the story of how we understand things.

To a jaded old guy, her death brought a flood of emotions and memories to me.

For all of us, we remember the good times we all shared with her and how much she meant to us. Godspeed and thank you, dear Christal.

John Noakes



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