Kamloops about to enter ‘Dark Ages’ of recycling

Kamloops about to enter ‘Dark Ages’ of recycling



I experienced complete disbelief and disappointment as I read the rationale and details of the long list of what cannot be recycled with the organization the City of Kamloops has just contracted to take its recycling.

To contract with Multi-Material BC, whose list of what it will recycle is so limited and significantly less than what is accepted now, makes no sense for our citizens                                  in this day and age.

The reasons given to support limiting the materials now to be collected seems like a case of the tail wagging the dog.

Rather than being environmentally responsible and looking at other recycling practices in the province, which are progressive and recycle almost everything at the curbside, it seems we are going back to the Dark Ages of recycling with this company.

I moved here from another similar-sized city in B.C., where everything was collected at the curbside using a two-container/box practice, where paper was separated from other materials.

Items in one container (cans, glass, etc.) and items from the other container (paper, etc.) were thrown into separate bins in the collection trucks.

Linda Daley


    • Lets see .. we SAVED 2 Million dollars and will likely spend 4 million on the “necessity” to expand the recycling program and add food scraps, not to mention the goods that are no longer accepted. Mmmmm, seems this MATH does not add up ? No worries, just increase taxes (sigh)

  1. I have reasons to believe that recycling programs are mostly designed to appease the masses and make them feel as if they truly contribute to lessen their environment impact.
    I have reasons to believe that for the most part recycling programs are simply an hoax.
    In the past, I have called upon council and management asking if there was substantial evidence to guarantee actual recycling goals were met. Without surprise, no answers were ever given.
    Goes without saying to truly lessen the environmental impact one must consume less, consume smarter, consume locally-sourced goods and services as much as possible.

  2. “It seems we are going back to the Dark Ages” indeed. The resent poll asking if people will continue to recycle these items or toss them in the trash. Last result I saw was some 68% said toss them in the trash. So Green is only Green if it’s convenient? Shame on them, when part of the solution is to simply buy smarter. Our goal should be to put those unsightly landfills out of business.

    This appears to be a Provincial program so it is likely that City too has had to make changes.

  3. The motivation appears to be million-plus dollar signs council sees in their eyes.

    Mayor Milobar may do very well in provincial politics; how BC Liberal-like to put money ahead of environment … and the public’s wishers

      • Sweden’s recycling program:


        There are other perspectives that say this is not correct:


        You can decide for yourself if one version is more credible than the other. Regardless of whether or not they recycle 99% of waste, they’re clearly doing much better than we are now and much, much better than we will be doing after April 1.

        Hey Mr. Mayor: Your party sided with the company that polluted an entire ecosystem at Mt Polley. Your party has designs for an unneeded ecologically disastrous dam at Site C, your party has done little or nothing to assist and subsidize families becoming energy independent with interest free loans etc for solar panels, so why not – while you’re trying to buy an election with lavish gifts after years of only taking care of the rich, why not get this one right, and increase the amount of recycling, not decrease it.

        PS The BC Liberals don’t WANT people to be energy independent because they need us to pay huge amounts to BC Hydro to subsidize the power needs of their rich friends’ mines and other economic interests. To them, we’re wallets to be mined, right Mr. Mayor?

          • We are the fools if we allow a bullying government continue to over-charge us for fees, lie, ruin the environment and completely dismiss us because we’re not rich.

            In 2007 an MLA earned $78,000. Thanks to the BC Liberals, the salary is now just over $104,000. There are additional stipends on top of that for MLAs as well.

            People on welfare in 2008 received $610 a month. Now, they make $610 a month,

            In 2007, people on disability mad $907 a month and received a free monthly bus pass recognizing the subsitance level of income. Today they make $980 a month (increase of $77) but NO MONTHLY BUS PASS. That means in 10 years their net income has risen $22. Todd Stone wrote a letter to the editor of this very paper outlining why that was a good deal for people with disabilities.

            During that same time, the rich 1% and their corporation have received government benefits and tax breaks worth more than a billion dollars.

            How much have your ICBC rates gone up? Second highest in Canada.

            How high have your BC Hydro rates gone up? So high BC Hydro applies to the rigged Utilities Commission for 5-year raises so that it’s hard for you to feel the massive rate increases and the publicity only comes every five years.

            How high are your MSP premiums? We’re the only province that still has them.

            None of these fees affect the upper class that Clark caters to. As a percentage of their income, guess who carries the lion’s share of this burden?

            Does that sound like a government concerned or worried about the little guy? Not to me it doesn’t. I consider myself a conservative voter. My politics lean to the right. But I also consider myself a Canadian, and the principles I grew up with were ones of fairness, inclusion, and equality.

            None of those principles apply to this government. As a conservative, I want them gone so we can rebuild a Liberal Party with ethics, integrity and honour – everything that’s missing from this lot.



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