Kids should be in class

Kids should be in class



It seems to me quite pointless talking and writing about the dilemma of whether to have a one- or two-week spring break for our school children when the answer is evident.

Aren’t there enough vacations, holidays, professional days, sick days and days off in one school year
as it is?

Our children need as many educational days as possible so they are clever and more capable of post-secondary studies and other education, for being able to fill skilled professional positions needed for our economy.

It is their future — why is there a discussion about this topic when it is obvious?  

When I was in school, there were only two months’ summer vacation, 10 days of Christmas holidays and one week of winter vacation plus three national holidays in a year.

There were no Saturdays off.

Children were smarter than they are now with smartphones. They could make responsible decisions by themselves because they could use their own brains, face the consequences.

Or is there political intension to keep our children dumb?

Vera Durst

Logan Lake


  1. “Our children need as many educational days as possible so they are clever and more capable of post-secondary studies and other education, for being able to fill skilled professional positions needed for our economy. ” Trust me Vera, you could have some kids in school 24/7, and it would not make them clever or capable.

        • How children learn is an issue we can debate if that is your point. We can also debate the issue of one week extra spring break once you get to know all the facts. The point is you did not know the fact that the time was made up. The fact that you did not know this did not stop you joining the chorus of teacher bashing. What children can do with the assistance of others is even more indicative of their mental development than what they can do alone. The last time I was in school it was how the class was structured and organized that determined learning. What is learned and how learning occurs are fundamentally connected to the context in which that learning occurs.

          • Actually, I did know about ” make up time ” at the end of the day or at lunch. I’ve heard it all before when my kid was in school. It was the same for him as it was for me when I was in school, the last minutes of the day are spent gathering your stuff up so you are ready to bolt for the doors. This was also with the blessing of our teachers so they could get the hell out of dodge, so to speak. I stand by my statement, it is a totally moronic & BS way to supposedly make up time stemming from a teaches extra holiday time.

        • Actually you did not know about it and this is indicated by this comment. This did not exist when you went to school, as for your kids it depends on their age They have to be under 34 to have had this schedule

    • Don’t walk away from people who post bigoted comments. There are some things that he/she posts that provoke reflection but much of what he posts is misinformation recycled falsified made up propaganda. For example KT you don’t like Trump, fair enough but there are some things that he stands for that should make you reflect and think about. Do you think that US media is telling the truth? well it seldom does. Trump’s imitative to promote peace with Russia (Flynn was his man for that) so what is wrong with that? Even though USA created terrorism which is a response to state terrorism , Trump wants to end it because its out of control. No one benefits from Terrorism, hate of Russia and a lying Media other than the Military industrial complex and the 1% . There are other things that you need to reflect on Trade for example or neglected infrastructure. The Seal makes ton of silly comments which he never substantiates.



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