Killer Steven Roe denied full parole

Killer Steven Roe denied full parole


A 26-year-old Kamloops man who stabbed a romantic rival to death in an Aberdeen gas station seven years ago has had his bid for full parole denied by justice officials.

Steven Patrick Roe was convicted of manslaughter for the 2006 slaying of David Holditch.

On Feb. 21, 2006, Roe armed himself with an eight-inch hunting knife and set off for the Aberdeen Esso after coming across a series of flirtatious Internet messages between his girlfriend, Kyla Regnier, and Holditch, who worked at the gas station on Rogers Way.

Roe attacked Holditch — Regnier’s ex-boyfriend — and stabbed him six times, including once in the heart.

The 18-year-old died on the floor of the Esso convenience store.

Convicted of second-degree murder in 2007, Roe successfully appealed and was granted a new trial. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter in January 2010.

Following that conviction, Roe was handed a sentence of nine years in federal prison.

With credit for time served, the sentence worked out to just shy of six years.

Roe was granted day parole in August 2012. The term covered six months and was renewed on Jan. 29, 2013.

After a hearing earlier this month, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) denied Roe full parole, but he will remain on day parole, living in a halfway house.

The parole documents do not say where Roe is residing, other than “in central B.C.”

The PBC has previously expressed concerns about Roe’s conduct while in custody, including two violent incidents.

First, while on remand in a provincial jail, the PBC noted Roe was involved “with several other inmates in an assault against another offender.”

Later, in federal custody, the PBC stated Roe took part in a “major incident” involving cells being set on fire. He is also alleged to have been in possession of a “spear-like weapon” at the time of the incident.

In 2011, investigators found a homemade computer in Roe’s cell. It was determined he had assembled the computer while on bail and had it shipped to the prison.

The computer had Internet capabilities, according to the PBC, and Roe used it to access email and download pornography.

That discovery resulted in Roe spending two months in segregation.

A psychological assessment earlier this year pegged Roe as a “low to moderate” risk to re-offend.

Conditions of Roe’s release include orders he not leave the country, not possess any weapons and notify parole officers about any change in work, education or any relationships.

He is also bound by special conditions named in the document, including following “psychological counselling . . . to address your personal/emotional issues and marital/family needs” and having no contact with Holditch’s family.

Roe has been working for a flooring company and taking college courses while on day parole.

He also has a girlfriend, with whom he intended to live if granted full parole.

Parole-board officials expressed concerns about that arrangement, noting Roe has “not yet been tested in a stressful situation in the community,” such as having a romantic relationship come to an end.

His sentence is slated to expire in 2015.




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