Krueger joins lottery fight

Krueger joins lottery fight


An Okanagan woman fighting British Columbia lottery officials in Kamloops is getting support from an unexpected source.
Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger, the Liberals’ former gaming critic who has consistently denounced gambling and shown little sympathy for gamblers, says BC Lotto should cut a cheque for Judy Koropatnicki.
The Osoyoos woman won $30,000 at a slot machine at Lake City Casino in Penticton before being told a computer malfunction voided her winnings.
All slot machines are monitored through a central computer system in Kamloops and local officials investigating were expected to release a report today.
Krueger says they should just buck up.
“I think it strikes everybody as unfair. If the woman is playing their game, by their rules and she wins, they should cut her a cheque.”
He adds not bringing in an independent investigator is a conflict of interest for the corporation which owns, runs and investigates the slot machines.
BC Lotto spokesperson Roberta Kjelson says an independent investigation is not needed because BC Lotto has experts on staff.
She adds signs on all slot machines say they are subject to malfunction and, if this happens, the play and pay are voided.
Krueger says he is holding faith the corporation will do the right thing.
“BC Lotto is a famously honourable corporation. I think they will do the right thing.”
Kamloops NDP MLA Cathy McGregor does not support an independent investigation. Instead, she says, the existing process should be followed through.
“Because they are the agency of record, they should do the investigation,” McGregor says, adding it’s not for her to say if Koropatnicki should get her winnings.
“I think we have to look carefully at the policy of the corporation.”



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