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Lake plans fall meet with KAPA

Lake plans fall meet with KAPA

A few days after anti-Ajax protesters from the Kamloops Area Preservation Association (KAPA) lined the street outside his North Shore constituency office, Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake has agreed to meet with the group.
On the day of the protest, Aug. 6, Lake told KTW he didn’t want to meet with KAPA en masse “and have the same conversation over and over again.”
KAPA members have already met with Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart and were working on a meeting with Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Todd Stone.
Now, Lake said he’s willing to meet the group in the company of his fellow Kamloops MLA.
“We’re working with Todd’s office to try and set something up so we can do one session with the group, with both of us there hearing the same thing at the same time.” Lake told KTW.
“That will probably be in September some time, given the way the timetable is shaping up.”
The reversal comes after a KAPA member disputed Lake’s claim he had already met with her on the mine.
KAPA secretary Fawn Knox said while she met with Lake in June, she did not do so as a representative of the anti-Ajax mine association.
“I was there as a complete citizen,” said Knox, who set up a meeting with Lake to discuss changes to the Agricultural Land Reserve.
“I’m sure I did say on the ALR, they’re working on getting the grasslands out of the ALR for the mine, and I might have said something like that, but we went off-topic on a whole bunch of things,” she said.
“We talked about education because he knew I was a teacher and the strike was going on.”
A few weeks after her meeting, Knox sent Lake’s office a letter from KAPA requesting a meeting with the group on KGHM’s proposed copper and gold mine south of Aberdeen.
The request was turned down.
“Unfortunately, MLA Lake will not be accepting the offer to meet with KAPA at this time,” wrote Lake’s constituency assistant Kirsty Morris in an email forwarded to KTW.
“MLA Lake has consistently not met with people on this issue over the past few years and believes that we must allow the formal process run its course.”
KAPA members say they want to meet with Lake before KGHM submits an application for environmental review to the province’s environmental-assessment office because it believes there are flaws in the assessment process.
Knox believes Lake may have gotten mixed up.
“I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because it was two weeks apart,” she said.
“But, I was just mad about what they’re doing to farmers.”
Lake said the proposed mine was one of the subjects touched on during Knox’s appointment with him.
Knox said she’s looking forward to KAPA’s meeting with Lake.
“That’s all we wanted,” she said.


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    Kapa, please be prepared. There is so much stuff to bury him, his ministerial partner and the BC Liberals several layers deep.
    BTW, do not forget to hug him when you meet.

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    Scare tactics are wonderful aren’t they? So on and on the story revolves over the course of the next few years. I suppose that we could totally depend on tourism. But if we are going for only tourism as an industry for our beautiful province and none of the other possible industries, maybe we should forget about training our workers in the various trades, except those who might want to go to other provinces or jurisdictions looking for work in the oil patch, mining, forestry and LNG. Instead, let us turn out graduates who have received diplomas allowing them to work in tourism and hospitality industries. This is the only way that you are going to retain the pristine beauty of this exquisite province.

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      You are completly right we cannot live on tourism alone, but we don’t need *EVERY* project either.

      We don’t eat in our bathroom do we? thats why we put barriers between where we live and where we crap.

      With AJAX there is very very little, for example people 15km in HVC feel the blasts, people in Aberdeen will only be 2km away.

      Wet Tailings also is the latest battle, but from what I hear, AJAX has new technology that they are talking to the water and the water has agreed not to seep into the various aquifers in the aberdeen/knutsford area.

      No this whole AJAX mine stinks. Way too close to Kamloops however you sell it… We need mining, but we need buffers. AJAX offers no buffers, no answers, only one word .. Mitigate.

      I highly think Mr. Lake will have any answers either, but still good to see him finally meet KAPA.

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        You are right.

        I wish our newspaper would do some more research on tailings storage rather than just parroting the company line without question.

        All the research that I have looked at since the Mt Polley incident recommends that Dry Tailings be used to decrease risks of breaches and groundwater contamination, but they cost more. They also have different issues of their own like increased dust in the winter or in arid climates.

        Ajax told us that the new configuration was better for Kamloops and would cost more, but they are good corporate citizens so they want to do what is right for Kamloops. They also said there would be less trucks, but didn’t mention any changes to their estimated number of employees.

        Looks like what they say is not necessarily 100 percent true (believe it or not!). It looks like they may have chosen a cheaper method of storing tailings with different risks. We certainly didn’t get a very sophisticated analysis regarding the pros and cons in the news.

        Kay Graham famously said: “News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising. The power is to set the agenda. What we print and what we don’t print matter a lot.” Love that quote.


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