Meanwhile, in Aberdeen, a beagle and a deer become best friends ....

Meanwhile, in Aberdeen, a beagle and a deer become best friends . . .

Axel, a one-year-old beagle in Aberdeen, greets his new best friend. Tracy Van Damme photo

The videos below are a bit dark, but if you look closely, you will see Tracy Van Damme’s beagle, Axel, making a new friend — a little deer.

Van Damme said her one-year-old dog will bark for the deer to come visit and each time the beagle speaks, the deer shows up to the Aberdeen home.

The two animals then play a game of sorts, running along the fence together.

“He calls  for the deer to come and we were surprised it showed up again,” Van Damme said. “We haven’t seen other deer recently, but they are frequently around here. Earlier, he called and got a coyote!”



    • Yes. You Absolutely have to be careful. We watch him carefully as we have had coyotes, and a cougar! We have a gate up top and only let him down in the yard supervised, but yes wildlife is unpredictable.

  1. Sorry to hear about your dog No. Usually, a deer will only attack a dog or person is if she feels there is a threat to her fawns. Otherwise, no problems ( unless she has been chased or harassed by a dog or person previously ).

  2. unfortunately all extended people or pet encounters with wildlife end up poorly, for either the domestic or wild animal. The more habituated a wild animal becomes, the more likely it will have an unnatural demise.



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