Milobar, Cavers should step down from council

Milobar, Cavers should step down from council



When Mayor Peter Milobar and Coun. Donovan Cavers ran and won, they made a commitment to the people of Kamloops to hold those positions until the next municipal election.

They have both committed to run in the upcoming provincial election and I personally feel they should step down from city council. Furthermore, if they lose the provincial election, they should not be able to step back into their former positions.

They should have to wait until the next municipal election to try and win back a seat on the new council.

Tom Ouellette


  1. Personally I wished Cavers would go away. I think he is nothing more than an embarrassment to Kamloops. Unfortunately he his core little group of environmental supporters that vote him in every time.

    Arjun used to be the misfit a few years ago with his actions. At least he has grown up a little. Just my two cents.

  2. Seems like they want their cake and eat it too. As the writer has indicated they did make a commitment to the city and I suppose if they want to run for a “higher office” the best scenario would be for them to resign, and give someone else a chance.

  3. Mr. Milobar & Mr. Cavers seem to have a problem with commitment. If they’ve had trouble with this term at the municipal level, how would we expect them to be at the Provincial level?
    Usually, with a youngster, they have to prove they can handle playing with one friend in the back yard before they get the responsibility of going to a larger playground.

  4. Yep…fully agree. Both should have been required to either take an UN-paid L of A until after the election…. or they should be required to resign from council. You can’t serve two masters and that’s what is happening.

    • You are right “You can’t serve two masters” but you had no problem when Harpo served the Oil industry at the expense of manufacturing in the East or when he served NATO at the expense of human misery in the Middle East, Or when Christy serves Kinder Morgan at the expense of the environment, or when she lies at the expense of the truth.

      I would define BC Liberal politics as a calculated act of lying to hide political corruption, nepotism and robbing the commons. But there is nothing less calculating than lying to the people of this province– especially when the result is social dislocation that could have been avoided if honesty, transparency, and morality was substituted for mendacity.



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