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Mobile home concerns

Three weeks ago, a mediator felt we should have a reduction in our pad rentals.
The owner of the mobile park felt justified in getting an arbitrator to decide our fate. Two weeks ago, we received the outcome to which we lost the right to have the pad rental reduced.
I know many of us are very disappointed about this action as most of us are on pensions and are single women with children.
Two years ago, the pad rental went up $18 for the year and, last year, it went up $12. Goodness knows what this year is going to be.
I wish our pensions and wages would go up this much per year to cover all the increases in water, electricity, gas and maintenance of our homes.
There are many of the mobile homes up for sale. Some are vacant and have been for at least two years. A neighbour has listed her place for nearly two years and it has not been shown to anyone.
It is very disappointing as she is a senior and would like to move to be nearer her daughter. She’s lowered her price at least twice and still no offers, despite it being in good shape.
We cannot appeal this decision and I feel we need help in this matter. I am hoping I can appeal to someone to help us regarding the outlook of the mobile parks in British Columbia.
We have saved to have our homes, we have kept them in good maintenance and we should be able to sell them for something. With the pad rentals going up like this, no one is going to buy. They can buy a house, get equity out of it with something to show for their money. Mobile home owners can’t even get close to what they pay or what they get for maintenance cost, but they should be able to received something for all their work. They will have to go into senior apartments or old age homes and they will need help in their home care and expenses.
Sydonia M. Osman

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  1. Pretty hard to spend the money when it is on tv for free. And tickets arent cheap.


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