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Mount Polley breach: Hold B.C. Liberals accountable for disaster


I am horrified, like many, that this terrible breakdown at Mount Polley mine in the Cariboo has occurred.

This is basic math.

The ground stresses are measured and there is an allowable limit before collapse — or break-out.

The provincial government knew the company, Imperial Metals, violated its mandate and let it do it.

All it takes is a government inspector to drive by and he knows what’s going on.

So, everyone turned a blind eye — especially the inspector.

It was only several years ago that the auditor general of British Columbia made a public statement regarding the credibility of the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) of B.C.

He said the office was utterly ineffectual in enforcing government regulations regarding resource development.

Until Premier Christy Clark’s B.C. Liberal government can win the confidence of the people of British Columbia, no resource development of any kind should be rubberstamped by the EAO.

The people of British Columbia would be delinquent indeed not to hold this government accountable for this appalling disaster.

Janet Michael


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  1. if you hold christy clack and the liberals accountable for the mount polley disaster it will be the taxpayers that will pay in the end

    • Pothead – So you are prepared to give them a pass – Nonsense!!

    • Carole Humphreys

      Yes and unfortunately we cannot sue the Liberal Party who are the ones who created the environment that allowed this to happen. I am all for changing the law so that the taxpayers do not have to pay… first in taxbreaks for these companies and then to cleanup the mess they leave us with. It is these policies that are wrong and cost us the big bucks! Oh when will we ever learn, when will we ever learn!

    • We always do. Not the owners or the 10% . Arrest all those responsible and you will see how quickly they pay attention/ But of course we know what happened with the BC Rail trail don’t we.

  2. enoughofthisalready

    FYI, The NDP was in charge in BC from Nov/91 until June 5th, 2001. Mt Polley was opened in 1997. Don’t let the facts confuse you as to who is to blame.

    • It did not happen on their watch You mean there was mining going on during the NDP years I thought they hut them al down, and the province was depopulated as people fled to Alberta.

  3. Hey pothead – I am getting mixed messages.

    I believe that the public should hold Christy Clark and her government accountable, and to ENSURE that the taxpayer does NOT pay for this criminal negligence. I REJECT your negative suggestion that taxpayers pay.


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