Under new recycling deal, more items will be bound for landfill

Under new recycling deal, more items will be bound for landfill



I can appreciate that some items, such as glass in recycling bins, could present issues for recycling sorters.

However, with the extended “not permitted” list, which includes plastic bags, bread bags, paper towels, tissues, napkins, etc., my question is: who wins in the end?

It definitely is not the environment.

These items and more not mentioned here will end up in the landfill, which defeats the purpose of recycling.

Sandi Whitehead


  1. If they are forced to pick up glass, and other exclusions, they will not make the money promised to them by the current political party that makes sure they look after their friends with cushy contracts.

  2. This is a Provincial program and of course people have to understand that the Liberal Government isn’t Green in any way shape or form. So the city following a Provincial recycling program and of course getting paid more money………well now you know the rest of the story. Why be surprised. I have never put bread bags or plastic shopping bags in the recycle bin anyway as I never thought it was allowed lol. I know a lady that makes extra strong grocery bags out of used plastic grocery bags etc and it is a better way of recycling those items anyway. If you want a change in recycling of any kind ….change the government!



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