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opinion column criticized

I’ll admit that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion â and that includes Dale Bass.
But I do have to say that I am growing increasingly frustrated with her lengthy mouthfuls, including her column on same-sex marriage and now with her March 9 article It’s not about drugs.
Statistics show that more than half of all hardcore long-term marijuana users develop some kind of mental illness or clinical psychosis. So actually, it is about the drugs.
If her stories were factual I could appreciate that, but why let her rant on issues that she knows very little about?
I’m not saying gag her, I’m just saying cut her to five words or fewer. Well, on second thought, cut her out altogether.
Give us point-making, factual editorials – but don’t cram ignorance down our throats and think you’re conducting good journalism.
Ray Chwartkowski
stop pifer from writing

If John Pifer’s ravings (Inmates run the asylum, March 6) constitutes rational thought at Kamloops This Week, those in charge should probably be aware that one of your inmates has got hold of a pen!
Please take it away from him before he hurts himself and see that he updates his rabies shot.
Shaun Cunningham
108 Mile Ranch
columnist needs to learn

Re: Inmates run the asylum by John Pifer
After reading Mr. Pifer’s article, I submit that he may be able to qualify as one of his own ‘wackier-than-usual’ examples.
He suggests that B.C. Teachers’ Federation militants “lead the membership around by the nose.”
As the president of a local teachers’ association, I can tell him from personal experience that attempts to order teachers around are more likely to garner the activist a sharp tweak on the nose from the membership.
Pifer then goes on to suggest that teachers shouldn’t be able to spend their own money defending public education because their salaries are paid by the Liberal government.
He may have some difficulty distinguishing ‘taxpayers’ from ‘Liberal government.’
Small wonder, then, that Pifer didn’t mention the B.C. Liberal government spending several millions in tax dollars promoting themselves with their ‘best place on earth’ ads.
That way they didn’t have to use the $15 million dollars that business has donated to the provincial Liberal party over the past three years.
Now that’s what you really call a ‘sweet set-up’.
Richard Walker,
President, Comox District Teachers’ Association
blame manning

Stephen Harper’s party will hold a founding convention in Montreal next week, having removed the Progressive Conservative Party from the ballot – for now – and having already adopted the Reform agenda as principle and policy in one election.
But they have nowhere to go, because in truth they are the last gambit of the Preston Manning agenda.
In the majority they are the same old Reform crowd, cynically calling into question Canadian institutions and values – the integrity of Parliament, the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law, and the Tory vision of one nation from sea-to-sea, not least among them.
And all the while cynically calling themselves Conservative and Tories.
Progressive Conservatives, whether in the provinces like John Tory or in the federal PC Party styled for now as Progressive Canadians or among former PCs trying to transform the new “Conservative” party from within, hold the key to future power in Ottawa.
Because their values resonate with the generosity and respect for the critical balance between change and continuity by which Canadians define conservatism and define ourselves.
Brian D. Marlatt
White Rock

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    The senate needs to be abolished enough is enough there is too much waste with money now. We have worked very hard for our pensions which are low to todays cost of living how can we stay healthy when groceries are so high . Time for a shake up and for people telling the truth which I believe is missing in this day and age.


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