Privacy boss warns bars to be wary of information

Privacy boss warns bars to be wary of information


The province’s information and privacy commissioner is telling bars and nightclubs across the province to be wary of the information they’re collecting from patrons.
David Loukidelis said an order he released last month, banning the Wild Coyote nightclub in Vancouver from scanning driver’s licences, holds implications for all bars in B.C.
His decision was that the Personal Information and Privacy Act did not allow a bar to collect personal information as a condition of being allowed into the bar.
Loukidelis responded to media reports and complaints that other bars were still scanning licences.
“I can’t stop people from making formal complaints and the pressure is going to build for us to act on that front,” he said.
“Let’s try and fix this collaboratively and do it soon.”
Owen Cameron, owner of Treoscope Technologies, which creates the software in question, said he, RCMP and Bar Watch association representatives were scheduled to meet with Loukidelis to provide proposals and discuss changes.
“He does not say it’s illegal, but he wants people to respect the import of his decision,” Cameron said.
He said to shut down all scanning, Loukidelis would need to investigate each bar and nightclub on a case-by-case basis.
Cactus Jacks is believed to be the only nightclub in Kamloops to employ the technology.
Cameron also warned shutting down this security measure would have serious consequences.
“You’re just inviting in every troublemaker out there who you’ve been denying for so long,” he said.
“Well, they’re going to go out of their way to make your life miserable (if scanning is removed].”



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