Seems like amateur hour when planning hospital parkade

Seems like amateur hour when planning hospital parkade



What amazes me most about the Royal Inland Hospital parkade issues is that this is not the first parkade in the world, built by a rookie.

It was built directly, or with oversight, by dozens of people from a variety of educational and experiential backgrounds, with a plethora of paper qualifications and access to plan information on hundreds or thousands of other parkades.

Do none of them know how big a pickup truck is? Did nobody speak up when they saw that and other issues? If someone did, were they not heard?

On to the next taxpayer-funded fiasco.

Tom Rankin


  1. This was not done by a P3 company but every P34 company in BC that screws up the taxpayer antes up to cover the costs.. The Liberal government uses misleading accounting practices, but the financial crisis has exposed the false economics “of P3s in a number of different ways: • The economic and financial crisis was caused by the same policies behind the push for public-private partnerships.• Private financing is more costly and risky than public financing.• The private sector is worse at managing risk than the public sector.• Risks can never be completely transferred through P3s.• Additional and complicated P3 requirements lengthen the process and add to delays.”

    I seldom quote these people but they are saying the same thing as everyone else so they must be sick of it as well “The Fraser Institute has released a report slamming what it calls the provincial government’s ‘so called’ balanced budget.
    The right-wing think tank claims BC’s growing debt remains ‘hidden’ in the province’s capital budget which could pose ‘serious challenges in the future.’
    The study, Capital Budgeting and Fiscal Sustainability in British Columbia, looks at both capital and operating budgets.” We need to get rid of this Mafia.

  2. All the complaining about the parkade reeks of run-of-the-mill naysaying. Minor design issues related to the parkade are really just not a big deal. Aren’t there more important things to complain about, rather than wasting your breath / mental energy on this?



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