Shift workers appreciate two-week break with their kids

Shift workers appreciate two-week break with their kids



I have two words in support of a two-week spring break: Shift work.

My husband works in the ER and his shifts frequently take him away from home in the evenings and weekends.

It’s not uncommon for him to start a shift at 3 p.m. when our kids are coming home from school.

Many of the almost 30 ER docs at Royal Inland Hospital (and a far greater number of nurses, other medical professionals and support services) have kids enrolled in SD73 schools.

The current two-week spring break enables twice as many of these physicians to have precious time with their kids.

This group has fine-tuned their scheduling system to fairly divvy up long-weekends and holidays (ie. time with their kids).

Moving to a one-week spring break cuts into this significantly.

I in no way discount that a two-week break requires twice as much child care for many parents.

For this, I wish I had a solution. But I urge you to consider this: Parents requiring child care from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. are more often able to eat dinner with their family and tuck their kids into bed than their shift-working counterparts. The two-week spring break is vital to boosting valuable time for parents and kids to be together. Day time off  equals time with kids.

Employers of shift workers in the School District 73 boundary include Royal Inland Hospital, more than a dozen care facilities, our mines, our mill, law enforcement, fire fighters and many others.

Thank you for your consideration of those who serve our community evening, nights and weekends.

Tamara Vukusic



  1. If every parent at RIH and those other industries you mentioned all applied to take two weeks vacation at the same time, I can see a major scheduling problem.
    Workers without kids may want vacation at the same time too. What are these places going to do when 25% or 35% of their workers all want the same two weeks off?
    Not going to happen.

  2. BCTF will then ask for 3 weeks for the burnt out teachers because it is all about the kids. Just like their constant fight against independent schools because the BCTF cannot control those teachers who actually care about the kids they teach and not the union.

    • BCTF only wants to see public tax dollars go to public schools. They’re not against independent schools. They just don’t see why people like you are ok with your tax dollars being used to subsidize private education. If someone can pay $14000 a year for tuition at St Michaels, they don’t need a tax break from poor people like me. So your obsession with “greedy teachers” is misinforming you.

      In other news, the CFJC poll shows EXACTLY the same results as the school board poll: 70% of respondents want a 2 week Spring Break. Amazing how democracy works hey?

  3. Okay let’s operate the schools all year round, and then shift workers can align their annual vacation with their children’s time off which could be set at any time of the year instead of the typical and traditional breaks that we have now. Of course teachers time off would then fall under vacation time based on years of service like the rest of us. The upside for the teachers would be more pay for more hours worked. Of course hiring would be limited for a few years.



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