Thank you, Tim at Hillside Centre

Thank you, Tim at Hillside Centre



I wish to tell the people about a wonderful 59-year-old nurse at Hillside Centre, named Tim.

While I was a patient there for one month, I had a really bad fall.

I woke up suddenly, got out of bed, intending to go to the bathroom, when I lost my balance and fell, smashing my face on the floor and then feeling something sharp jabbing at my left eye.

Tim heard me fall and picked me up, laying my 150-pound bulk on the bed.

He put a damp cloth over my eye to stop the bleeding and put several stitches in my eyebrow, which had a nasty cut.

I felt as if my cheekbone was broken. Tim said, “No, but you’ll have a black eye and a bad bruise on your face tomorrow.” He was right, but his fast treatment saved my eyesight.

I am 82 years old and bereaved for almost a year.

During my unfortunate husband’s long illness with cancer, gout in both his legs, heart trouble and severe arthritis, I met a lot of wonderfully kind men and women, but Tim stands out as the most efficient and kindest nurse I’ve ever met.

He was wonderful with the poor souls who could never recover and he did his best, beyond the call-of-duty, to ease their suffering. He has a great sense of humour also.

I hope I win the lottery so he can retire young.

God bless you Tim, and keep the home fires burning in England and Canada.

I hope you never feel like I do, still an alien in a foreign land after 50 years.

S. A. Lewis




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