Tom Gaglardi found guilty of federal environmental charges

Tom Gaglardi found guilty of federal environmental charges

Tom Gaglardi arriving at the Kamloops Law Courts on Jan. 15, 2014. (KTW file photo)
Tom Gaglardi arriving at the Kamloops Law Courts on Jan. 15, 2014. (KTW file photo)

Tom Gaglardi broke federal environmental laws while renovating his waterfront Kamloops Lake vacation home in 2010, a judge has ruled.

The 47-year-old owner of the Kamloops Blazers and the NHL’s Dallas Stars, who is also the head of Northland Properties, was found guilty in Kamloops provincial court on Thursday, Aug. 7, of two counts of harmful alteration of a fish habitat.

Northland was also convicted on the same charges, while Robert Gaglardi, Tom’s father, was found not guilty.

At trial earlier this year, court heard the Gaglardi family home — known as “Tom’s Shack,” according to several Crown witnesses — was undergoing extensive renovations in 2010.

The charges stem from riprap destroyed by workers taking orders from Gaglardi in the construction of a boat ramp.

During the trial, former Northland employee Jim Parks said he was ordered to destroy documents and throw his computer hard drive “in the lake” when federal investigators began looking into alleged environmental improprieties at Tom’s Shack.

Gaglardi wrote in his notebook throughout the trial, alternating between notes on the proceedings, Northland business and what appeared to be line combinations for the Dallas Stars. He also had to be told repeatedly by sheriffs to turn off his iPhone, which, at one point, he concealed in a book.

The maximum penalties for harmful alteration of a fish habitat are fines of up to $1 million and/or six months in jail.

Gaglardi is due back in court on Aug. 21 to set a date for sentencing.

Northland Properties is the company behind the recently opened Sandman Signature development on Lorne Street in downtown Kamloops.


  1. honestly a fine will do nothing to change his behavior, he has plenty of money to pay any fine handed to him, if you really want to teach him a lesson give him six months in jail, not a ankle bracelet and house arrest, six months up at krcc might show him he is not above the law

  2. Maybe the City of Kamloops should get a fine similar to the one they handed Gaglardi??? Oh ya, right!

    The City of Kamloops has taken full responsibility for an incident last year in which more than 4,100 cubic metres of effluent made its way into the South Thompson River.

    The incident occurred in September at the O’Connor lift station, located in the Dallas area.

    Because of an incorrect valve adjustment, the sanitary line to the lift station backed up, resulting in sewage discharge to nearby ditches and the river.

    When the mistake was detected, the Ministry of Environment was contacted and cleanup initiated.

    According to the city, a staff member then erroneously dumped some of the contaminated materials into a storm drain during cleanup. Those materials eventually re-entered the river.

    Following a community environmental justice forum, the city took full responsibility.

    “The City of Kamloops accepts full responsibility and deeply regrets this incident occurred,” the city said in a statement released Tuesday.

    “As a result of the forum, the city will contribute $20,000 toward rehabilitation work on Tranquille River to improve fish habitat.”

    The city will also spend about $8,000 to enhance the alarm systems at all sewer locations to prevent future incidents.

    Other steps have also been taken to prevent similar incidents. These include:

    Disciplinary action and staff training
    Increased monitoring at all sewer stations
    Increased signage and GIS mapping
    Verification procedures for disposing of waste materials
    Ensuring all contaminated materials are disposed of at the Kamloops sewage treatment centre

    “The City of Kamloops takes this incident extremely seriously and will vigilantly review its protocols with staff and contractors to ensure appropriate procedures are followed,” the city said.



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