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Nicholas Adams aims to bring North Shore perspective

Twenty-eight-year-old Nicholas Adams has lived in North Kamloops for a decade.
Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams, one of the founders of Kamloops Makerspace, is running for a seat on city council in the 2018 municipal election.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nicholas Adams has lived in North Kamloops for a decade.

He’s familiar with issues involving transients and sharps and believes the city’s social problems will be a “hot-button” issue during the fall municipal election, in which he is running for city council.

“The city needs to make sure that they’re there to facilitate the non-profits,” he said.

Adams is the caretaker of Riverdale Trailer Court on Tranquille Road. He moved to the River City at a young age from Prince George and graduated from Westsyde secondary.

Four years ago, he co-founded Kamloops Makerspace on West Victoria Street, a non-profit that provides space and workshops for hobbyists, inventors and artists.

It was during that time when he ran into red tape at city hall, prompting him to run in the 2017 byelection to empower city staff.

He wants to offer them more flexibility during the decision-making process.

“When we don’t give our city staff a certain amount of flexibility, they go, ‘Here’s the rule,’” he said. “Kamloops has a reputation for being a ‘No’ city.”

He has helped the Overlanders Lions Club with pancake breakfasts and is a member of the Kamloops Heritage Railway Society and Kamloops Daybreak Rotary. He also helped start the Kamloops 4X4 Club and said off-road user groups lose access to trails when used inappropriately. The club is working on education and environmental stewardship.

“We do a lot of dealing with illegal dumping and illegal land use,” Adams said.

In last year’s byelection, Adams received less than one per cent of the vote.

He said having all eight council seats open will make a big different this year, compared to just two. He said he focused on his platform and policies but learned name recognition is important.

“I was never kind of out there self-promoting,” he said.

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While he shares a last name with another council candidate — Jennifer Adams — there is no relation.