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What if there were wards?

Municipal election data shows the differences in how Kamloops residents cast their votes at polling stations in the city

The idea of a ward system in Kamloops has long been discussed.

Now, after the municipal election, data from polling stations across the city can be used to show how voters made their choices by region.

Polling stations have been paired up with a geographical neighbour and combined into theorhetical wards.

For each ward, this graphics below show the varying split of the vote for mayor and the council each ward would have elected.

Numbers beside a councillor’s name indicates their shift in the rankings. A bold name shows an unelected councillor who officially finished outside the top eight spots.

An eighth group of results contains special voting opportunities (TRU and care homes), advance voting and mail-in voting results.

School trustee results differed at only one poll, where Donovan Cavers was elected over Meghan Wade at Lloyd George (Downtown ward).

whatif-wards-3 election results