2019 Boogie the Bridge: Week 1

The first in a series of weekly submissions by those taking part in the annual Boogie the Bridge fundraiser, which will be held on April 28 in McDonald Park

The 2019 CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge will take place on April 28 as runners meet in McDonald Park on the North Shore to run or walk various distances. Kamloops This Week is publishing online and in each Friday print edition a column by RunClub and Boogie founder Jo Berry, along with weekly updates from three participants.

Emma Pappalardo, Jaime Ault and Max Patel are running and writing about their experiences training for the 2019 Boogie:

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Jo Berry

RunClub and Boogie founder

Boogie training starts this Sunday and Tuesday.

Come out to Sandman Hotel this Sunday (8 a.m.) and/or Tuesday 
(6 p.m.) and hear the many inspirational stories and find your pace.

There are many options, including our successful learn-to-run program. If you are already a runner, then learn about mindful running and being an injury-free, joyful, strong and lifetime runner. If you are a walker, we have a walk club every Sunday morning.

I can’t believe we are entering 21 years of the Boogie training program. Yes, RunClub is transformational.

 Boogie training just may be a hidden (now not-so-hidden) tribe, a tribe of super non-athletes, a tribe of true soul (and sole) rockers. I cannot believe (or can I?) that we are going to birth runners for the 21st year.

How am I feeling about it? My fascination with health is a bit eccentric — OK, maybe more than a bit. I have never been content to just run; it’s what running does for us that continues to mesmerize and inspire me.

 People wonder why we all continue to run together year after year. Well, there’s the hidden tribe part. RunClub has always had a “movement” fetish that continues to lead us all down the rabbit hole of what makes us humans healthy.

There is always the wonder of the human condition and the amazing discovery of figuring out what shifts us into a healthy lifestyle.

“Movement is Change” is our 21-year tag line, meaning movement in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

We hope to see you this Sunday or Tuesday — or both days.

Boogie on.

Emma Pappalardo

Sound engineer


For me, March means one thing ‚ spring and the promise of warmer weather.

As a bigger woman, my fitness journey has had its ups and downs. Walking into a gym as a plus-size woman is excruciatingly embarrassing. You feel like everyone is judging you for not fitting the picture-perfect image of “athlete.”

It’s uncomfortable, it’s intimidating and we stop going.

The first time I saw success, real success, with my fitness was when I turned up to Run Club+ one Monday evening, sweating nervously, heart thudding in my chest and thinking it was going to be awful.

But it wasn’t.

Jo Berry welcomed me with a big hug and a bigger smile. Every other person in the room was just like me. We didn’t fit the perfect image of “athlete.” We weren’t all slim and toned with flawless skin. We were bigger-bodied, young and old, male and female — and we belonged.

That night, we went around the room and introduced ourselves with an “I am” statement. Mine was “I am not a runner.” It got a couple of laughs and more than one look that told me, “You will be.”

And they were right. RunClub has shown me that to be a runner, you don’t need to look like a runner — you just have to run.

So I did and continue to do so. Now I’m inviting you to run with us, too.

RunClub+ spring training begins on Monday, March 18, at 6 p.m. at the Happyness Centre, 203-242 Victoria St.

Jaime Ault

Financial planner, TD Wealth

5K Sweet

I have never been one of those people who love their time at the gym, who get that runner’s high and who use exercise and running as “me time” — but I have always envied those people.

I know, as I get older, that exercise is important and has mental-health benefits.

I’ve tried, trust me, I’ve tried.

Exercise, specifically running, has not been my friend. I’m an ex-smoker and work in an office, where the most walking I do is from my desk to the other side of the branch.

With TD being a presenting sponsor of this year’s Boogie and one of our pillars being “better health,” now felt like the time to get myself in gear.

I joined RunClub to have someone to be accountable to, someone to push me and someone to teach me how to love running.

I’m hoping, as the weeks go on and I’m surrounded by amazing people like Jo Berry, that I’ll get in my groove, expand my seldom-used lungs and my social circle and find my inner runner.

Last year, I participated in the Boogie the Bridge 5K and I didn’t run as much of it as I would have liked, but I finished.

It was my first time running anywhere except on a treadmill. This year, my goal is finish in less than 30 minutes. After all, Movement is Change!

Max Patel and Jo Berry

KTW Digitial sale associate
5K Bold

I remember my days as a professional sprint athlete.

I ran 100 metres and 400 metres, but I never got into long-distance running.

That required a completely different mindset.

During my time at TRU, I used to watch the university teams practise, which reminded me of my days as a professional athlete and how different of a person I’ve become.

When I was a student, I ran to chase a bus, which would get me to my classes and to work on time.

I used to wonder how I could get back to being an athlete, but that question remained unanswered. Being a student and working two jobs, I barely had any time left to do the things I loved, such as running or playing a sport.

After graduating last year and getting a full-time job with KTW Digital, I was excited for all the free time I would have to do more stuff that I loved.

At work, I met Tara Holmes, who introduced me to the Boogie the Bridge event. She explained how my buddy Evan Choy had a great time doing Boogie last year.

I knew this was the chance to take the first step toward becoming an athlete again and I signed up.

I’m excited to be a part of a community event and to start the journey to get back on my runner’s feet.

Boogie Week 1 training


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