2019 Boogie the Bridge: Week 3

The third in a series of weekly submissions by those taking part in the annual Boogie the Bridge fundraiser, which will be held on April 28 in McDonald Park

The 2019 CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge will take place on April 28 as runners meet in McDonald Park on the North Shore to run or walk various distances. Kamloops This Week is publishing online and in each Friday print edition a column by RunClub and Boogie founder Jo Berry, along with weekly updates from three participants.

Emma Pappalardo, Jaime Ault and Max Patel are running and writing about their experiences training for the 2019 Boogie:

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Jo Berry

RunClub and Boogie founder

Week 2 of Boogie training was powerful. 

Heartfelt stories and accomplishments were shared. Two women, both 100 pounds lighter, told of their transformational change (inner and outer). They shared their triumphs and the highs and lows of getting to their goals. 

Both of these amazing souls were previously sedentary and now, three years later, have accomplished their impossible.

One lady completed the Honolulu Marathon in January (power-walking) and can power-walk a half-marathon in just under three hours. She does not run and proves that walking can be just as transformational as running. The other lady runs three times per week consistently, has accomplished many 5K and 10K events, has a circle of positive friends and a new life.

 Contributing and sharing in people’s lives continue to be the greatest currency for our RunClub coach team. Preventive medicine is our goal. Our relentless curiosity and passion into what actually makes a person happy and healthy continues to drive our team in this community health project.

Yes, movement physically is important, but equally important is a person’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs. 

If someone desires change, they have to be willing to look within and discover what is holding them back. All of us have conditioning, life traumas, emotional triggers and resistance to the journey inwards. 

All the answers are inside and this unlocks the door to a healthy life. External stimuli, such as diets and physical fitness programs that focus just on the outside, simply won’t work.

There is a lot more within our humanness to make the leap into a new and healthy lifestyle.

You can do it!

Emma Pappalardo

Sound engineer


Each week as I run and train, I notice little things about how my body is changing — energy levels, hunger and quality of sleep.

But I also notice how my clothes and shoes fit.

Last week, my trusty shoes — the ones I thought I had finally broken in — once again gave me terrible blisters on my heels that bled.

It took me a while to realize my feet were shrinking due to my weight loss and that created space and slip on my heels. Now, running isn’t an expensive sport compared to most (a pair of good shoes and off you go), but in my situation, every dollar counts.

I spent time with Jo Berry on Monday, talking about shoes and how important they are for safe, strong, running. So many potential injuries and unnecessary strain can be caused from something as simple as shoes.

With that in mind, I went to Runners Sole and spoke with Wayne. Let me tell you, this man is a fountain of knowledge. We measured my feet (my left foot is bigger) and tried on all kinds of shoes. I eventually decided on a pair that felt the best and ran in them that night.

What difference!

I can’t stress enough how important the right shoes are and how much easier your run can become. I can’t wait for my next run with these babies.

Jaime Ault


Financial planner
TD Wealth
5K Sweet

Spring has sprung!

After last week’s cold entry into RunClub training, Tuesday night’s beautiful Dufferin sunset was extremely welcome. We all met at Runners Sole, where upon entering, any residual nerves I had disappeared with the welcoming crowd within.

Last week’s gentle introduction had me wondering if I may want to move up a level this week to the Bold group, but with all the hills in the area, I thought staying put this time was a good plan.

That’s one of the beautiful things about RunClub — if you’re feeling (in the words of Jo) “like a rock star,” you can jump up a group; if you’re feeling “like a rock,” you can jump back down.

There really is no pressure or judgment.

This week’s run was hard as hills are not for the faint of heart, but with the support of the group, with the energy of Jo (seriously, she needs to bottle that stuff) and with the fresh air and gorgeous views, I made it.

The thing about RunClub is there’s “run,” but there’s even more “club.”

At the end of the day, the people and the energy of the club have led me to lose my fear of running. The club has me pushing myself a little more each time, so maybe next week you’ll be hearing about the 5K Bold group run — unless I’m feeling more rock than rock star.

Max Patel and Jo Berry

KTW Digitial sale associate
5K Bold

After my first training session last week, I experienced joy and relaxation.

This wasn’t new to me, but it had been a long time since I felt that way as I was recovering from a knee injury.

I like to write down my thoughts, which are personal to me. But I want to share this thought as Jo Berry is the reason behind it: “It doesn’t matter how much gas a lighter has, because if there is no spark to light the fire, the lighter is of no use.”

I feel the same, as Jo was the spark that ignited the fire within me to run again.

 That’s when I decided to start running more often.

In the past week, I ran every second day after getting home from work in the evening. It was an amazing feeling to experience joy and relaxation after completing my run following a busy and hectic day on the job.

This past Tuesday, when I showed up for my second training session at Runners Sole, I was excited to test myself with the group and decide if I was ready to advance from 5K Bold to 10K Sweet.

After completing my training session, I felt confident about moving into the 10K Sweet group.

I will know for sure next week as I train with the 10K Sweet runners, which I have never done before. 

Stay tuned ...

Boogie training Week3
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