2019 Boogie the Bridge: Week 4

The fourth in a series of weekly submissions by those taking part in the annual Boogie the Bridge fundraiser, which will be held on April 28 in McDonald Park

The 2019 CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge will take place on April 28 as runners meet in McDonald Park on the North Shore to run or walk various distances. Kamloops This Week is publishing online and in each Friday print edition a column by RunClub and Boogie founder Jo Berry, along with weekly updates from three participants.

Emma Pappalardo, Jaime Ault and Max Patel are running and writing about their experiences training for the 2019 Boogie:

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Jo Berry

RunClub and Boogie founder

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision. Decision is power.”

— Tony Robbins.

I love Tony Robbins. He was a big part of my early awakening into a new way of life.

Twenty years ago, one of my girlfriends asked me if I wanted to go on a road trip to Seattle to see her guru. I was not at all interested in Robbins, but I was super interested (and still am) in girlfriend road trips. It was a whirlwind trip — 48 hours — with a Robbins event in the middle.

When we walked into the venue, all of Robbins’ people greeted us. Wearing big smiles, they made each and every person feel welcomed. Little did I know this road trip was about to change my life.

There were 2,000 attendees and, during one of Robbins’ exercises, he said he and his team had selected 10 people from the audience to be part of his seminar.

He said they picked people as they walked in that evening, those Robbins and his team felt had potential. One of his dynamic team members called out 10 names and — yes, you guessed it — mine was one of them.

I was shocked. 

 Standing on stage with the 6-foot-6, big energy Robbins was a moment I will never forget. My heart opened that day to all the possibilities life had for me. That was the day I got clear on how making solid, concrete decisions was incredibly important to put life into action.

There is so much more to this story.

For now, what’s important to share is how proud I am of the people who are at RunClub. They made a congruent and committed decision and have put it into action.

Boogie on.

(P.S., my dog’s name is Toby Robbins.)

Emma Pappalardo

Sound engineer


RunClub is two parts: Run and Club.

One side is about turning up each week, putting in the hard work and getting a better you out of it; the other side is running.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and I have struggled with both. I know that on hard days, like Tuesday, I could message Jo and let her know where I was at.

The answer is always the same: “Come to RunClub and let your family take care of you.”

And we really are a family.

Last year, I did my first 10K in Kelowna and it was tough, not so much physically because I had trained for it, but mentally. I am a slow runner (Team Sloth — we’ll get there when we get there) and it was disheartening to see people passing me. I felt like I was so slow that everyone who passed me judged me.

It made me want to quit. But I had a fellow RunClubber with me. We kept pace and supported each other through it all and, in the end, I finished well under the two-hour time I had given myself.

It’s amazing the things you can achieve when you have the support. I went to RunClub this past Monday and Tuesday and received hugs, encouragement and all the support I could ever hope to receive.

I run for my physical health, but I RunClub for my mental health.

Jaime Ault Boogie
Jaime Ault.


5K Sweet

I learned a valuable lesson this week at RunClub.

It’s not just about mind over matter and your desire to do something. You also need to put in the prep work beforehand.

My sister was in town this week and came with me to training. She exercises regularly and runs much more than I do, but she came to support me. This gave me the added confidence to try the 5K Bold group this week — my sister and the much flatter ground of downtown.

The 5K Bold group was running for four minutes and walking for two minutes. I thought. “I can do this.” But not too long into the second running segment, my calves cramped up — and they cramped up hard.

I stopped to try stretching and immediately had a coach by my side, making sure I was OK.

I ended up walking the rest of the way, but I was never left alone, never made to feel like I had failed and was supported the whole way.

As for that valuable lesson? Hydrate,

I was woefully unprepared for the run as I didn’t drink enough water during the day. I definitely won’t make that mistake again.

I also learned that this group of people cares.

Next week, I’m going to hydrate. I may return to the 5K Sweet group and get my confidence back, but whatever group I’m in, I know I won’t be alone.

Max Patel and Jo Berry
Max Patel with Jo Berry.

KTW Digitial sales associate
10K Sweet

After deciding to move up and train for a 10K run, my subconscious mind constantly challenged me, which left me wondering if I had made the right decision.

The only way to find out was to run with the 10K group.

 A tip to others — if you’re planning to go for a Sunday morning run, try not to stay up late and enjoy copious amounts of alcohol.

Jo Berry always reminds us that showing up is the most important part of training — which I did last Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m., following four hours of sleep.

As we started running, I began having cramps. I was getting tired early and it only got more challenging with every step I took.

While experiencing this, I remembered what Runners Sole owner Wayne Richardson told me: running is 30 per cent physical activity and 70 per cent mental strength.

This is true.

Even after being physically drained in the first five kilometres, I constantly reminded myself that I’m not a quitter and I won’t give up.

Guess what? That helped me to not only complete my first 10K training successfully, but I finished strong and experienced the fabled “runner’s high” for the first time.

This past Tuesday, I ran another 10K and am feeling confident as Boogie approaches.

Boogie training Week 4


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