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A Kamloops fundraiser that is a cut above

Nathaniel Martin let six-year-old daughter, Abrielle, lop off his locks for a good cause. Money raised will go toward domestic-violence and mental-health programs.

Nathaniel Martin is sporting a new and somewhat unique look as he goes about his day-to-day routines in Kamloops.

His fashion sense was crafted by his six-year-old daughter, Abrielle, who trimmed his hair on Oct. 10 — in an attempt to raise money for and awareness of domestic-violence and mental-health programs.

When the country went into pandemic lockdown mode earlier this year, Martin became concerned about what that might mean for people’s mental health.

And, as restrictions continued through the summer and fall, he began to notice medical journals taking note of similar concerns.

“When the numbers come in and you see that there’s going to be an increase in overdose deaths, an increase in domestic violence, suicides, I really hope it’s all worth it, the way we’re doing it,” he said.

Martin is quick to note he does believe in the danger of the novel coronavirus and does agree with wearing a mask and staying home and adhering to safety protocols as much as possible.

But he also acknowledges that those with many local organizations are working harder with less money because of the pandemic.

Because of that, Martin is raising money for those organizations through a few different campaigns.

The first is a GoFundMe endeavour online at, which runs until the end of October. It sees him sporting his new hairdo for one minute for every dollar raised.

The haircut has also helped raise awareness about the importance of the organizations as, Martin explained, it can be quite the conversation starter.

He has also organized a fundraiser through Highland Valley Copper, where he works, with money there taken as a payroll deduction from staff and donated to the Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Centre and the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Martin is expecting to raise somewhere in the area of $1,000 from each of the two campaigns.

Martin is no stranger to helping his community. Following CUTober, he’ll be helping with a pumpkin disposal drive in Sahali, in which volunteers will collect and dispose of pumpkins on Sunday, Nov. 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

He is also hoping he can get more men involved with CUTober in the years to come.

“I would love it if I could find some dads that would love to get their haircuts done by their children,” he said.

“It would be a great Kamloops initiative.”