Boogie the Bridge 2020: Week 3 (We shall keep moving)

Despite the race’s cancellation this year, Boogie and RunClub founder Jo Berry has urged participants to continue training on their own as it is more important than ever to pay attention to health, in body and mind. The community continues on RunClub's Facebook page because outside isn't cancelled

The 2020 CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge was scheduled to take place on April 26 until the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in its cancellation.

The annual event, which sees participants run and walk various distances, has raised more than $1 million for charity since its inception more than two decades ago.

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Despite the race’s cancellation this year, Boogie and RunClub founder Jo Berry has urged participants to continue training on their own as it is more important than ever to pay attention to health, in body and mind.

Therefore, Kamloops This Week will continue to publish, online and in each Friday print edition, a column by Berry, along with weekly updates from three participants.

James MacDonald of Western Canada Theatre, Rick Chapman of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (stepping in for Sam Numsen of New Gold) and singer/musician Sabrina Weeks are writing about their experiences as they continue to train for their goal, even with the race postponed to 2021.

We hope you find inspiration in these insights and that they prompt you to do what you can to ensure your physical and mental health is in as peak shape as possible. The community continues on RunClub's Facebook page because outside isn't cancelled.


Jo Berry

Jo Berry
Founder, Boogie the Bridge and RunClub

March 20. Spring is here. The sun is shining, the trees changing and yet things are not the same.

We have all had a big turn of events, personally, professionally. None of us would have thought March 2020 would be a spring we will never forget. These are trying times, but one thing we all know for sure is we’re all in this together.

Spread love, be kind and just keep moving. Our Boogie team has had an outpouring of love from Kamloops at the news of cancelling this year’s event. We have also had a passionate outpouring of requests to keep the Boogie movement and message alive right now. One beautiful writer sent an email saying we are “boogie-ing” right now more than ever.

Being (and staying) well has never been more important — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Together we will get through this, Kamloops. Together we are stronger. And so it shall be — we will keep the Boogie movement going.

Watch for Boogie energy to keep your spirits high. We love Kamloops and, although we will miss being together on April 26, we all know we are together every day.

We are together when we walk down the street and say hello, when we smile at each other across the street, when we go to our neighbours to drop off food, when we send each other loving text messages, when we reach out on Facebook with loving kindness, when we get outdoors and look up to the incredible blue sky, when we walk, hike, run and dance outdoors.

We are indeed “Boogie-ing.”

Keep moving, Kamloops. We love you.

* Options for those who have registered and paid:
1. Get a refund
2. Defer your registration to 2021
3. Donate your 2020 registration to our charity. Email

James MacDonald

James MacDonald
Artistic director, Western Canada Theatre
10K Sweet

The events of the past week came with physical and emotional challenges for all of us.

For WCT, the sadness of cancelling the rest of our 2020-2021 season is compounded by the loss of work for our artists and staff, and our audience losing four terrific productions.

My experience of informing everyone who had worked so hard for over a year on these shows was personally devastating. This, though, pales with the experience of those who are currently or potentially afflicted by the virus.

Compounding the upheaval in our work and personal lives is the uncertainty that grips us every time we go in public. I’m not a germaphobe, but I carry alcohol wipes into the grocery store, wash my hands with fervour and hesitate to breathe too deeply in the claustrophobia of enclosed public spaces.

What a joy and relief, then, to break into the glorious sunshine along Rivers Trail for a 25-minute trot.

This is where we live, Kamloops: our wonderful scenery, our buoyant community, our resiliency. There have been many tears this week, but on this run they came from happiness.

Many thanks to the Boogie team for their relentless optimism and support. How unfathomably generous to suggest that registration fees for the cancelled 2020 run be donated to support WCT’s Indigenous Youth Program in exchange for a tax receipt.

Onward and upward.

Rick Chapman Boogie
Rick Chapman

Rick Chapman
Producer/announcer, Jim Pattison Group
Boogie coach

Hi everyone. My name is Rick Chapman.

I am a runner. I haven’t always been a runner. In fact, it was just five years ago that I even considered tackling the Boogie the Bridge 5K — but it has changed my life.

The sad news this week of the cancellation of the 2020 CFJC Boogie the Bridge hit me really hard as I love the event. Boogie is such an outpouring of community, sharing, giving and love.

But Boogie is not just one day. It never has been. It is every day. It is community. But it’s not just about running as it is a community around healthy living — healthy minds, healthy souls and healthy bodies.

It is about being part of a community that is active in promoting health. Even if it is a bit out of your comfort zone. I am so grateful to be part of this tribe. Make no mistake, it is a tribe, a family, a community.

When times get difficult and we need to support each other, our family, this community, comes together. Even when we can’t physically be together, we are finding ways to connect — and move.

Those moments are what I hope to share with you over the next several weeks. It has always been about movement. Moving your body, yes, but also moving your mind out of scary and overwhelming places and moving your soul or heart to an open and loving place.

Now, more than any time I can remember, we need to find that and give it away.

Sabrina Weeks

Sabrina Weeks
Power Walking

The world around me is changing daily.

It feels surreal, like I’m living inside a movie I’d never choose to see. One casualty of our changing reality is that the 2020 Boogie the Bridge have been cancelled.

I have attended two training sessions, enough to realize I want more time with this amazing group of people. During my second session, I decided to take on the 5K Sweet training program, running and walking in intervals. Truthfully, I smiled the entire session and, for the first time in my life, enjoyed running.

When you work out in a group that is cheering you on, supporting you and sharing their energy, it doesn’t feel like a grind. It feels like fun and you can literally forget all your insecurities, effectively silencing that little voice in your head that says, “You’re too fat to be here.”

I am now training with Mike, my partner. We are following the online program and, although there’s virtual love and support from the group, it doesn’t compare. 

When Mike and I are running and my backside bounces, there are no distractions to shut down the little voice. I feel like I’m lumbering down the road, like an elephant, trying to match steps with a gazelle. It feels awkward and I feel very out of place and exposed.

I never feel like this on my couch.

Boogie training Week 3


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