Boogie the Bridge: Week 6

The 2019 CFJC-TV Boogie The Bridge will take place on April 28 as runners meet in McDonald Park on the North Shore to run or walk various distances. Kamloops This Week is publishing online and in each Friday print edition a column by RunClub and Boogie founder Jo Berry, along with weekly updates from three participants.

Emma Pappalardo, Jaime Ault and Max Patel are running and writing about their experiences training for the 2019 Boogie:

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Jo Berry

RunClub and Boogie founder

As I get older, I see clearly that running has changed me.

Without running, I would have missed so much in my life. The mere thought of it brings tears to my eyes. In the midst of regular life, running is the touchstone that breathes adventure and purpose into my soul.

This touchstone is in all who have chosen the running life.

 Running may be considered an inconvenience, unattainable and odd to the in-experienced. In fact, once discovered, running is an enormous gift.

Without running, I would have missed much, such as knowing my city geographically and knowing the people to the core.

I love Kamloops, every single part of it, and community health is once again happening in our spring training.

 As the weeks of training are completed, I am blessed to see people’s faces completely light up as they discover their “I can do this” moments.

People become comfortable in the uncomfortable. They no longer shrink back because something is challenging them. Their strength and resilience becomes stronger not only in their running, but in their life, too. They reach out to others more easily.

They feel the safety and support of the RunClub community and they, too, see clearly how running is changing them.

 That is the magical thing about running — it’s always evolving us, physically emotionally, spiritually and mentally. A run has never returned me exactly the same. I go run. I grow.

Each run, each event, each finish line and, yes, each Boogie is a new me and new for every single person who chooses to Boogie. They, too, have embraced their “I can do this” moment and will cross the finish line already excited about running toward the next one.

Emma Pappalardo
Emma Pappalardo

Sound engineer


This was a special week for RunClub and Boogie the Bridge.

On Tuesday after our run, we gathered at Red Collar Brewery downtown for the annual Boogie Beer.

A special cask of beer is tapped just for RunClub and all proceeds go toward Boogie charities. Turnout was great and getting to sit down and have a beer (or cider or water) with everyone was exactly what I needed.

My run was hard. During the past week, I have been pushing myself as Boogie draws ever closer and the warning signs of overtraining were starting to show.

So I dialed back and focused more on finishing my run than pushing myself. After that, being able to sit and relax with what has very quickly become my family was perfect.

I had focused so much on the run part that I had forgotten the club part and the reminder, being drawn into so many different conversations with so many amazing people, helped me to remember we are all in this together.

I’m forever grateful to Jo Berry for introducing me to these fantastic people and forever grateful to my RunClub family for their acceptance and zero judgment. I can’t wait for April 28 to arrive, to run with them all and to see their smiling faces cheering as I cross that finish line.

Jaime Ault
Jaime Ault


5K Sweet

Patience is a virtue, a virtue in which I sometimes lack — and, boy, is learning to run teaching me patience.

I went out this week with new shoes. I was hydrated and I stretched. I was full of hope this week would be the week I could keep up. It was better and I ran much longer than I had in previous weeks before my same problem in my calves emerged.

This week, we “Boogied the Bridge” and ran a little more than five kilometres. The coaches all prepped us for the bridge and running uphill is no joke.

As someone who is new to running, I started this journey with no clue how important pace was. When going up that bridge, it was so important to keep mental track of pace.

As always, the support of the coaches was fantastic, without which I would never be able to push through this and keep going on my own.

As Jo reminded me, working through my body’s issues and pains is the easy part. The hard part is being kind to myself mentally. It’s so easy to tear yourself down for not doing something as well as you thought you would and thinking that you’re failing because of it.

The RunClub team and coaches are excellent at reminding you that you’re succeeding because you’re there.

I made improvements, I ran farther and longer than I did the week before and I’ll do the same next time.

Max Patel and Jo Berry
Max Patel and Jo Berry

KTW Digitial sale associate
10K Bold

It’s just two weeks from Boogie the Bridge and I can feel the excitement and energy when training with RunClub.

It surprises me how I learn something new in each training session. RunClub coaches are not only great at what they do, but they also look after every member in their group, which includes handling the fastest members of the group and running alongside with the last member of the pack.

It’s amazing to watch their multi-tasking skills as they need to keep the group together, decide which route to run, track down the stats of the run (which they use to provide feedback at the end) and answer all the questions posed by Boogie participants as they are running.

During this past week, I trained on Sunday, when I learned the right technique to run, as explained expertly by Wayne Richardson. On Tuesday, our coach, Bob Dieno, taught us how to be efficient in long-distance running. He explained a technique that helps us to sprint within our long-distance running without exerting too much energy.

Toward the end of my Tuesday training, Bob gave me some important tips that will help me become a better runner. I now have a goal to complete the 10K Boogie run in under 50 minutes.

This goal is exciting. I am confident I will achieve it on race day, April 28, when I would will use all I’ve learned to achieve the 50-minute mark.

Boogie training Week 6


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