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KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: Four charities will feel the effects of Cheer

As the weather turns colder and we get closer to white flakes drifting down from the sky, we also begin to enter the season of giving.
Christmas Cheer Fund

As the weather turns colder and we get closer to white flakes drifting down from the sky, we also begin to enter the season of giving.

One of the signs that we’ve entered that season is the start of KTW’s fundraising drive for the Christmas Cheer Fund — a start that this story is announcing.

This is the sixth year that KTW has been behind the Christmas Cheer Fund, having picked it up from the Kamloops Daily News and Gregg Drinnan in 2014.

The money raised from the Christmas Cheer Fund, though things are a little different this year, supports each year five local charities.

“The Falcon Program, run by Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops, has ceased operation,” explained Tim Shoults, operations manager of Aberdeen Publishing, KTW’s parent company.

“So what we decided was we would simply go down to four charities, and share the total amount raised between the four of them instead.”

The four charities being supported this year are the Kamloops Brain Injury Association, Out of the Cold, The Mustard Seed, and the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter.

Though new charities are selected every two years, the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter has a permanent place on the list at the request of Drinnan, who originally created the fundraiser.

Some organizations are able to use the funds for larger projects, like The Mustard Seed which upgraded their kitchen last year, allowing them to maintain their meal programs at an optimum level.

And for other organizations, it allows them to keep the lights on without the constant need to scramble for funds.

“They have to spend as much time focusing on getting and applying for funds as they do doing the work for which they need the money,” Shoults said.

He’s proud of KTW’s continued support of the Christmas Cheer Fund, and said that there were many parts of the holiday fundraiser he enjoys.

“It's hard to narrow it down to one because there's so many different heart-warming moments,” he said.”

A number of fundraising events are planned in the coming weeks, including a dinner at The Commodore on Nov. 27 that you can currently buy tickets for at $25 each.

Also in the coming weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the work that these four charities are doing, and how they’ll be putting the Christmas Cheer Money to work.

We’ll also be highlighting some of the generous corporate sponsors and third party events that help raise these much-needed funds.

Every dollar counts, even the handfuls of change that children bring in after going door-to-door in their neighbourhoods.

“There's something special about seeing kids learn charity and practice charity from an early age,” Shoults said.

“Those people are going to be the fundraisers, the philanthropists and the community activists, running those charities and doing that good work in the future. That gives me a lot of hope for our community.

Donations can be made directly at the KTW office at 1365B Dalhousie Drive or online at