KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: Record donation from the Free Radicals

These five groups will be helped by your donations: Y Women's Emergency Shelter, Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism, New Beginnings Stroke Recovery and Kamloops Brain Injury Association. To donate, go online to kamloopsthisweek.com/cheer.

Fewer players and ice times during the pandemic did not equate to diminished charitable zeal for the Free Radicals Hockey Club.

The group blew away its own record by donating $10,819 to the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund, besting the mark — $8,960 — it established last winter, a few months before the COVID-19 crisis began.

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“We do have a good-natured fine system within our club to keep each other buying rounds,” Kelly Shantz, who handles money-collecting and media-relations duties for the Free Radicals, said with a laugh.

“It was pointed out that some of our worst offenders are saving an awful lot of money this year. We said, ‘We know you have that extra dough in your pocket.’”

The KTW Christmas Cheer Fund, which was created in 2001 by Gregg Drinnan at the Kamloops Daily News, provides money to five local organizations. Those groups change every two years, with the exception of the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, which remains part of the fund every year, at Drinnan’s request.

The other four groups involved this year are Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism, New Beginnings Stroke Recovery and Kamloops Brain Injury Association.

Fining frugality is, of course, only one method for benevolence employed by the Free Radicals, who pride themselves on giving back to the community.

“It became more of a priority — who we were, as opposed to having a full roster,” said Shantz, noting the Radicals have been around since the turn of the millennium.

“We’ve all benefitted from so many things in our life. We tend to hold each other to account on what we can do to give back.”

Shantz was not sure how the pandemic-shortened campaign would play out from a fundraising standpoint, but the club recently found itself on the verge of a record amount.

“I threw it out there that our new high donator was $250,” Shantz said. “A whole bunch of guys fired off e-transfers to me to catch up. It’s just that kind of group. That’s probably what put us over the top.”

The Free Radicals support a number of other causes, including Kamloops Minor Hockey Association, United Way, First Nations Capacity Fund, Kamloops Youth Soccer Association, Alzheimer Society of B.C., Kamloops Hospice and Special Olympics BC.

Shantz said the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund offers great bang for a benevolent buck.

“We just passed the hat one year out of nowhere for the Christmas Cheer Fund because it seemed like a pretty easy way to support five charities,” Shantz said.

“Then, like so many things in our lives, we kind of got competitive about it.”

Since 2011, the Radicals have raised more than $70,000 for the Cheer Fund.

Christmas Cheer Fund

Donations to the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund can be made directly at the KTW office at 1365B Dalhousie Dr., which is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Donations can also be made online at kamloopsthisweek.com/cheer, thanks to a partnership with the United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo, which will also administer tax receipts to all donors.


Amy Berard: $25

Susan & Ron Durant: $100

Stella Frame: $100

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $100

Debra McNichol: $50

Anna Evenrude: $50

Anonymous: $50

Neil Sarrasin, in memory of Gordon Sarrasin: $100

Phil & Cathy Holman: $100

Canadian Tire: $200

Barb Storms: $100

Darren, Sharlene & Kyle McIlwain: $158

Greg Harris: $50

Marg & Terry Bangen: $200

John & Val Kemp: $100

Twyla-Lea Jensen: $20

Milton & Anna Marie Mankowske: $100

David Whitson: $100

Kathy Kendall: $150

Loni Hamer-Jackson: $50

Norm & Sue McGowan: $100

By donation from BBQ at VW Turtle Race: $185

Tom & Sharon Moore: $100

Gladys & Ken Klepachek: $100

Kamloops Aberdeen Lions Club: $180

Mrs. M.I. Stewart: $100

Amy Regen: $100

Old Dogs Senior Hockey: $790

Donna Geefs & Ross Styles: $100

In memory of Mary Helem: $25

Sylvia Olson: $100

Anonymous: $100

In memory of Dave and Sandy: $100

In memory of Ruth Cooley: $50

In memory of Sarah McAlary: $150

Eleanor Nicoll: $500

In memory of Stan and Jack Tash: $50

Beth Dye: $50

Anonymous: $100

Lynne Totten: $100

Peter Humphrey: $100

Michael & Maureen McInnes: $100

In honour of Josie, Libbie, Eira: $150

Louise & Ron Oyler: $100

Gerald & Wendy Patrick: $50

In memory of Kelly Patrick: $100

Caitlyn Winter, in memory of grandfather Walter: $50

Lance Weisser: $20

Tina Lange: $100

Anonymous: $100

Steven & Susan Baardsen: $100

Ken & Marylyne House: $100

Anonymous: $260

Harriett Chave: $100

Norio & Marie Sakaki: $100

Elizabeth Grice: $50

Butch & Sharon Beblow: $75

Colman & Teresa Byrne: $200

Pat Davies, in memory of husband Bill Davies: $100

The Posse: $100

Anonymous: $150

Russ & Carol Dreger: $100

The Hausers: $100

Bob & Jo-Mary Hunter: $200

Doris Finlay: $20

Lorraine & family, in memory of Noel Kirby: $100

M. Colleen Stainton: $200

Evelyn Meyer: $60

Marilyn & Marvin Peterson: $100

Graeme & Bev Hanes, in memory of Brett & Bob: $100

Sharon & Fred Persello: $50

R. Wells: $50

In memory of George Wilmot: $100

Margaret Boehler: $100

Lorraine Harper: $50

Anonymous: $100

Twink & Wayne Murphy: $50

Anonymous $100

Anonymous: $10

Lynda Desrocher: $50

Margaret Sandulak: $100

Rachel Long: $100

In memory of Maxine and Auggie Gilliland, from the Gillilands: $125

In memory of Mike & Lou: $100

Shirley Holmes: $25

Preceptor Delta Beta Sigma Phi: $100

Pat & Jean Callahan: $100

Anonymous: $50

Anne Hallstein: $100

Eleanor Haner: $500

In memory of our parents, Tom & Gloria Stout, and Muriel & Norman Cooper: $100

Lois Hollstedt: $200

Louella Garner: $100

JR. Mason: $100

Tom & Pat Fair: $50

In memory of Rose Goar: $25

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $200

Anonymous: $100

Edie Pletzer: $100

Don and Marlene Pattern: $60

Jane & Buzz Osterloh: $300

Ed & Dianne Barker: $100

Jennifer York: $50

Carol Gourley: $100

Chris and Angela de Haan: $500

Kayla Pepper: $50

Anonymous: $200

D. Neve: $35

Bill & Evey Chursky: $100

Robin Rosen: $50

L&B Sill: $100

Pam Turgeon: $25

Kelvin Barlow, In memory of Brother Morris: $100

Don Whyte: $200

Anonymous: $50

Judy & James Brennan: $100

Anonymous: $100

In memory of Harold Bedard: $150

In memory of Peter Howard: $150

Sue Peachey: $50

Jo Ann & Peter Hall: $350

In memory of Al Johnson: $50

Dick & Terry Taylor: $100

Anonymous: $500

A&G Morrissette: $300

Anonymous: $25

Jerry Neigel: $200

Anonymous: $100

Eileen & Rick Sevigny: $100

Dale & Noeline Kerr: $100

Krishna Parghi: $101

Beth & Chris Tanner: $100

Mary Jordan: $50

Taya Berkhout, in memory of Tony Berkhout: $190

Rick & Judy Collinge: $100

Stanley Fike: $100

Anonymous: $100

Sharon Langland, in memory of Sharon & David Frampton: $50

Anonymous: $50

Sandra Dever: $50

Hondzel family: $100

Karen Harvey: $50

Don & Debby Erickson: $100

Sally Tupholme: $50

Victor & Nicolette Hamm: $100

Tracey Pointer: $50

Vic & Sally Mowbray: $100

Steven Shavers: $75

Dean & Debbie Nicholson: $250

Wendy & Evan Lichlyter: $150

Teri Young: $250

Ken Featherstone: $100

Karin Sykes: $100

Anonymous: $50

Julia Wells: $100

Patricia van Rhyn: $50

In honour of Laurel Raffan: $66

Sigi White: $20

Anonymous: $25

Tiah De Marni in honour of Bruce & Della Campbell: $150

Samantha Kinniburgh: $50

Lori Nelson: $100

Abstract Registry Services Ltd.: $1,000

Gordon Harris & Gwen Watson: $400

Wayne Houston, in memory of Devon Blackmore: $25

Linda Inglis: $100

Phil & Verne Churchill: $100

Paula Gardner: $500

Anonymous: $25

Mel & Wilda: $100

Kathleen Ayotte: $200

Beverley Turner: $50

Bryan & Glennis White: $50

Country Auto: $2,000

In memory of David Smith, and a thank you to Carmen, Jul, Butch, Sharon, Debbie, Joanne & Michele: $500

Lorna McMillan & Robin Johnson: $75

Harm & Deb Fransen: $50

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $30

Della Huhn: $20

Joan McQuillan: $100

In memory of Nona Rorison & Rick Rorison: $1,000

Diana Christianson: $4,000

Bryce Herman: $100

Nat Jackson: $100

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $50

In Memory of Julio & Marsia: $200

In Memory of Douglas Blakely: $100

Anonymous: $100

Allison and Darko Filipic: $100

IG Wealth Management Men’s Slo-Pitch Team: $300

Sean Campbell: $50

Marco Coyle: $500

Barbara and Humphrey: $100

Cal & Pat Moulton: $100

Marie Kabus: $50

Chris Nagle: $100

Nolan Pastoor Personal Real Estate Corporation: $1,000

Anonymous, in memory of Ed & Bobbie Barry: $100

James Doan: $1,000

Anonymous: $100

Shirley & Gene Sanderson: $50

Terry Simpson, in memory of Sharon Simpson: $100

Anonymous: $20

Victoria Pitt: $25

Anonymous: $20

Valerie Brown: $100

Ellen deBruyn: $100

Geoff Gibbard: $100

Linda Rollins: $50

Anonymous: $400

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $100

Nadene Fraser: $100

Runner’s Sole, in honour of Lisa Imeson: $150

Dave Decker, in honour of Pat and Tom Decker: $50

Allan & Shari Cosco, $500

Hank & Eileen Hackett: $50

Gordon Martin: $200

Anonymous: $50

Robin Roesen, in memory of Fraser Forster: $100

Anonymous: $250

Fiona & Terry Clare: $100

Rhianna Jacometti, in memory of Meta Young: $100

Jeff Worsfold, in honour of Western Karate Academy: $100

IG Wealth Management: $500

Surerus Murphy employees: $12,000

Rodney Plante & Scott Gabriel: $100

Hubert & Gloria Plante: $100

Mary Pilatzke, in memory of Jack Pilatzke: $100

Anonymous: $50

Rosemary Anderson: $100

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $50

Louise Millar & Sandra Sponaugle, in memory of Ross Millar: $100

Wendy Dickson, in memory of Peter Basson and John Healy: $50

Ken & Sylvia Grafton: $50.00

Anonymous: $100

Pat Pinske, in memory of Dennis Pinske: $50

For family and friends, Merry Christmas: $700

Ken & Judy Zutz: $100

Free Radicals Hockey Club: $10,819.00

IG Wealth Management: $4,938.80

VW Turtle race: $10,500

Gary and Diane Dolinski: $100

Free Radical Hockey Club player: $50

Verita & Case Van Diemen: $500

Kamloops Courthouse bottle drive: $160

Patricia Hanson: $50

Amanda Fenrich, in memory of my husband, Adam: $100

Sharon Carrell: $50

Helen Ferguson, in memory of deceased members of the Liddy family: $50

Doug & Sharon Miller: $250

James MacPherson: 200

Karen Despins: $50

Joanne Seright: $50

Abacus Gardening & Landscaping: $300

Terry & Nancy Stephenson: $50

Michael Chorney: $50

Cathy McIntosh, in memory of George and Nolan: $100

Ralph & Mary Jane Finch: $100

Phyllis Ring: $100

Heather & Dave Heron: $100

Trish & Eric Schweizer: $100

Roy & Anne Kahle: $100

Murray & Janet Dennis: $100

Wayne & Hazel Thiessen, in memory of Leslie Thiessen: $100

Brent & Heather Harlton: $25

Shanna Findlay: 50

Sharon LeStage: $75

Tanya Giles: $20

Mike & Maureen Carr: $150

Carol & Gary Bacon: $100

Kelsey & Bryan Boudreau: $100

Jacques Lam: $100

Heidi, Glenn & Julian Coleman Hilke: $100

Alfred Franczak, in memory of Chris Leary, Peter Franczak & Mel Simoneau: $250

Anonymous: $100

City Centre Auto Service: $1,000

Christine Gregory: $25

Ryan Pelton: $100

Surander Singh: $50

Gary & Susan Mcintyre: $50

Tony & Kaz Dufficy: $100

Daniel Dallaire: $150

Alan & Sharo Dodd: $100

Donna Sharpe: $100

Absorbent Products employees: $300

Dan & Penny Stobbe: $30

Urb & Enid Rolin, in memory of Diane Rolin: $100

Anonymous: $25

Bea Prehara: $50

John Torda: $50

Ed & Angela Stewart: $100

Maureen Lepin, in memory of Joe McGuire: $100

Albert Dale Merrett: $100

Dearborn Motors: $1,000

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $50

Norma Chin: $100

Wesley, Vanessa & Christina Mah: $150

Sheila Pierson: $100

Sharon Elvers: $50

Wally & Wendy Reddeman: $75

Trivola Howe, in memory of my cousins, Ian Duck, Grace Hopgood & Dorothy Evens: $100

Anonymous: $30

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $100

Evelyn Vipond-Schmidt, in memory of Wilf Schmidt: $200

Anonymous: $100

A & J Sabo: $100

Sophie’s Doodles Puppy Pool: $42

Marion Kaban: $100

TOTAL TO DATE: $85,079.80


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