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KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: Welcoming New Beginnings

These five groups will be helped by your donations: Y Women's Emergency Shelter, Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism, New Beginnings Stroke Recovery and Kamloops Brain Injury Association. To donate, go online to
KTW Christmas Cheer Fund New Beginnings
Members of the New Beginnings group include, from left: Colin and Sharon Cox, Martin Streng, Diana Jansen, Gord Muir, Bev Davies and Lorna Friess, who is president of the organization.

New Beginnings Stroke Recovery is a group new to both the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund and Kamloops in general, having been created last year after peeling away from the larger Stroke Recovery Association.

New Beginnings president Lorna Friess said she wanted to take the group in a slightly different direction.

“We wanted to have a different sort of group that was more focused on the people of the group and what their needs were,” she explained.

And, as someone whose own stroke occurred in her 40s, she was hoping to create a group that would be more inviting to younger stroke survivors, pointing out there are group members in their 40s and 50s, as well as those more elderly.

Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, the group would meet three times a month for mostly social interactions, such as picnics, with a focus on support and positive experiences.

Though physical-distancing requirements have made that more difficult, Friess is hoping some of the money raised via the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund can help.

“I have been trying to look at different venues to find a bigger space so we can have meetings still, so we can be separated further apart,” she said.

“Unfortunately, it’s been a difficult time for us.”

The group has managed to stay in contact through telephone calls, which Friess said has helped members from becoming too isolated, something she thinks can strike anyone this year, not only stroke survivors.

As the head of a fairly new organization, Friess is hoping to be able to put some of the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund money toward increasing the number of people working with the group, including those in speech therapy and physiotherapy.

She would also like to see group members start an outreach program to connect with stroke survivors while they’re still hospitalized, to help walk them through the process of recovery and take the first steps in rehabilitation.

As it stands now, Friess said, many people are leaving the hospital after a stroke without knowing where to turn for help.

“We have the process that we need in lots of places, but the talking isn’t happening, the communication lines aren’t there,” she said.

“We just have to open that up.”

Those interested in connecting with New Beginnings Stroke Recovery are encouraged to reach out to Friess by email at

Christmas Cheer FundDonations to the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund can be made directly at the KTW office at 1365B Dalhousie Dr., which is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Donations can also be made online at, thanks to a partnership with the United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo, which will also administer tax receipts to all donors.



Amy Berard: $25

Susan & Ron Durant: $100

Stella Frame: $100

Anonymous: $50

Anonymous: $100

Debra McNichol: $50

Anna Evenrude: $50

Anonymous: $50

Neil Sarrasin, in memory of Gordon Sarrasin: $100

Phil & Cathy Holman: $100

Canadian Tire: $200

Barb Storms: $100

Darren, Sharlene & Kyle McIlwain: $158

Greg Harris: $50

Marg & Terry Bangen: $200

John & Val Kemp: $100

Twyla-Lea Jensen: $20

Milton & Anna Marie Mankowske: $100

David Whitson: $100

Kathy Kendall: $150

Loni Hamer-Jackson: $50

Norm & Sue McGowan: $100

By donation from BBQ at VW Turtle Race: $185

Tom & Sharon Moore: $100

Gladys & Ken Klepachek: $100

Kamloops Aberdeen Lions Club: $180

Mrs. M.I. Stewart: $100

Amy Regen: $100

Old Dogs Senior Hockey: $790

Donna Geefs & Ross Styles: $100

In memory of Mary Helem: $25

Sylvia Olson: $100

Anonymous: $100

In memory of Dave and Sandy: $100

In memory of Ruth Cooley: $50

In memory of Sarah McAlary: $150

Eleanor Nicoll: $500

In memory of Stan and Jack Tash: $50

Beth Dye: $50

Anonymous: $100

Lynne Totten: $100

Peter Humphrey: $100

Michael & Maureen McInnes: $100

In honour of Josie, Libbie, Eira: $150

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In memory of Kelly Patrick: $100

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Susan & Ron Durant: $100

Stella Frame: $100

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Anonymous: $100

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Amy Berard: $25

Susan & Ron Durant: $100

Stella Frame: $100

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Anonymous: $100

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TOTAL TO DATE: $12,003