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KTW Christmas Cheer Fund: Y Women’s Emergency Shelter

To donate, click on the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund logo on the website or go online to
Jacquie Brand (left) and Jesanne Stanko of the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter are grateful for the community’s support, which includes proceeds from the annual KTW Christmas Cheer Fund.

The KTW Christmas Cheer Fund is back, with readers of Kamloops This Week helping us help the community.

Charities being supported this year: Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, Kamloops Brain Injury Association, Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism, Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association and the Kamloops chapter of the BC SPCA.

To donate, click on the KTW Christmas Cheer Fund logo on the website or go online to Donations are accepted online thanks to a partnership with the BC Interior Community Foundation. Donations can also be dropped off at the KTW office, at 1365B Dalhousie Dr. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Cheques should be made out to the BC Interior Community Foundation.

Here, we focus on the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter, the longest-standing recipient of the proceeds.

“BC Housing is our biggest funder, but really, the funding that we get from the government is basically your bare bones existence,” said Jacquie Brand, the shelter’s general manager of violence against women intervention and support.

“Everything else we get, we rely on from our community. We actually wouldn’t be able to operate without funds from the community and programs like the Christmas Cheer Fund.”

While the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter has been known by that name for a long time, Brand explained the services being offered to those in need are more akin to that of a transition house.

“We’re actually a transition house who helps women who are experiencing violence or are in transition from experiencing violence,” Brand said. “We provide food and referrals for people who stay with us, while they stay with us. There are a lot of barriers to get to those next steps.”

Typically, the staff help survivors with their finances, income assistance or finding employment. Sometimes, individuals may require legal support and childcare agreements.

“We really try to create a space and a place for people to land and figure out what their next steps are and we support them along that journey,” said Jesanne Stanko, the shelter’s director of programs for violence intervention support service.

Those who visit the Y’s program stay between 30 and 120 days while they are transitioning away from gender-based violence. Seven people can be served with temporary housing through the non-profit at any given time.

Gender-based violence can include sexual, physical, mental and economic harm inflicted in public or in private. It can also include threats of violence, coercion and manipulation occurring in intimate partner violence, sexual violence, female genital mutilation and child marriage according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

This winter, Brand and Stanko are hopeful the Christmas Cheer Fund will help meet the needs of those who need transportation and laundry services.

“We need bus tickets for women seeking safety and trying to get here and navigate around the community,” Stanko said. “We need to replace the washer and dryer.”

The duo recognizes the financial stress and alcohol consumption that accompanies the holidays often results in a spike for those needing support.

“Outside of Christmas Cheer, we are always so appreciative of community support and there is a wish list on our community website in terms of how people can help out,” Stanko said.

To find out which items are needed at the shelter, go online to .


• BC Old-Time Fiddlers Kamloops branch: $100

• IG Wealth Management: $1,402

• Donald & Kathleen Gienow: $50

• Nel Sarrasin, in memory of Gordin Sarrasin: $100

• Susan & Ron Durant: $100

• John & Val Kemp: $100

• Greg Harris: $50

• Simone Werstiuk, in memory of brother Carmen Werstiuk: $50

• Kim & Andrew Cooper: $150

• IG Wealth Management/Chris Nagle: $500

• Cal & Pat Moulton: $100

• Richard & Terry Taylor: $100

• Nolan Pastoor Real Estate Corporation: $1,500

• Sharlene & Darren McIlwain: $158

• Margaret Sandulak: $100

T• Sarb & Kam Chattu: $100

• Anonymous, in memory of Rose Goar: $50

• Anonymous: $50

• Ed & Dianne Barker: $250

• Anonymous: $50

• Abacus Gardening & Landscaping: $1,000

• Dianne Jackson: $50

• Spencer & Janet Bryson: $200

• Vic & Sally Mowbray: $150

• Jo-Mary & Bob Hunter: $200

• Barbara Eagle: $40

• Jerry & Wendy Patrick: $100

• Wendy Dickson, in memory of Peter Basson & John Healy: $50

• Anonymous, in memory of Dave & Sandy: $100

• Barbara Caswell: $75

• Lorna McMillan & Robin Johnson: $75

• Sharon Moore, in memory of Tom Moore: $100

• Anonymous: $100

• Silvia Olson: $100

• Lynne Totten: $100

• Rick Bennett: $50

• Bea Smith: $50

• Amanda Fenrich, in memory of husband Adam: $100

• Linda Jackson, in memory of George E. Wilmot: $100

• Doris Finlay: $20

• Ian & Margaret Stewart: $100

• Amy Regan: $100

• Teresa & Colman Byrne: $200

• Harriett Chave: $100

• Anonymous: $1,000

• Brenda Fennell: $500

• Mary Dobrovolny: $25

• Shirley Holmes: $50

• Don Whyte & Gail Cameron: $200

• Sharon Cooley: $50, in memory of Ruth Cooley

• Gerry Saunders: $200, in memory of Peter Baron

• Heather & Bingley: $50

• Anonymous: $200

• Marie & Norio Sakaki: $100

• Lois Hollstedt: $250

• Maggie Campbell: $100, in memory of Don

• Mel & Wilda Bronken: $100

• Patricia Hanson: $100

• Shirley Ross: $100

• Sally & Bill Jennejohn: $100

• Anonymous: $100

• Chris Nagle: $100

• Jacques Lamb: $50

• IG Wealth Management: $200

• Linda Rollins: $100

• Rick & Judy Collinge: $100

• Nora Berkhout: $500

• Frances Higginson: $25

• Anonymous: $100

• Twyla-Lea Jensen: $25

• Debbie Fransen: $100, celebrating new grandson Fletcher, love Harm and Deb

• Tiernan Buchan: $100

• Irene Buckle: $200, in memory of Edyn & Mykel Rothenburger

• David Whitson: $100

• Anonymous: $250

TOTAL $13,495