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Concert review: A Musical Sleigh Ride

The Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra delighted a large audience at this past Sunday’s A Musical Sleigh Ride concert at downtown’s St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The second December concert among the three orchestras in Kamloops took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday afternoon.  
Kamloops is blessed with musicians of all types and music schools have played a large role.

In the case of the Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra, its history begins with David Marden wanting to give strings students a chance to perform.

Students now sit with founding members, reminding one that music is for all ages.
Sunday’s concert was no exception.

The soloist had been a keen piano student who put music aside for sports and a career.

After 32 years as a veterinarian, George Foukal has restored his talent as a pianist to the tune of playing a Mozart concerto —  long passages of it from memory.  

It is amazing to have three orchestras supported by a city of Kamloops’ size: Thompson Valley Orchestra, Kamloops Brandenburg Orchestra and Chamber Musicians of Kamloops.

Also amazing are the churches with the acoustics to complement the orchestras.

Weren’t those horses’ hooves played on coconuts something else?

For all three, we should be hearing the trombone, French horn, clarinet, bassoon, etc., adding unique emphasis to the strings.  

The Kamloops Symphony Orchestra’s annual Christmas with the KSO concert is set for Dec. 16 and Dec. 17 at Sagebrush Theatre. 

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