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Kamloops author's book features a maze of intrigue

The Wickedest of Things is Russel Barrie’s first novel

A Kamloops man has written his first novel, The Wickedest of Things — a fiction thriller he describes as a story for anyone who likes a good adventure and is willing to stay with it to the end.

Russel Barrie is no stranger to the written word, having self-published several short stories, which are available on his website and at local bookstores.

Barrie said his latest work is his favourite kind of fiction.

“When a group of well-crafted characters are locked in a room, posed with a threat and then forced to work together, it creates a good story,” he said.

Barrie said the story is loosely based on modern-day tech companies’ recent trend to engage their employees in real-life challenges to encourage team-building and cooperation.

In The Wickedest of Things, Barrie introduces central character Reid Sheraton — a man in search of a challenge who designs games to keep his haunted mind busy to avoid the past. But when his company is purchased by the Horizon Corporation, the mysterious Esin has other plans.

At Horizon, the greatest event is its Labyrinth, a vast maze of puzzles and trials meant to test employees and push them beyond their limits.

There are those who want to win, and so take risks when they have the chance, getting swept up in Horizon and a world of dazzling technology and corporate intrigue.

However, as the Labyrinth approaches, sinister happenings are in motion at Horizon. One man’s ruthless maneuvering corrupts the technology with a betrayal so deep that nothing will be the same.

“It’s a harrowing escape from a maze by people stalked by a killer,” Barrie said. “It’s like a race to the finish.”

Since being published in March, Barrie said the book has found its way into local shops and is available online at The Wickedest of Things is available at Legends Used Books in Aberdeen, The Book Place downtown and Haus of Misfit on Tranquille Road.

Go online to for more information.