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Faith: Finding calm amidst the storms and trials of life

You will get through today’s storm. Believe and have faith that he is with you in whatever you might be facing
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Have you ever stopped to contemplate why we worry and doubt?

How many times have we all worried ourselves sick about something, only to find later that we spent a large portion of time fretting about a situation that ended smoothly?

We lost hours and, in some cases, days worrying about an event in our mind, about all of the various ways the train would derail, only to find out that in the end, all was well.

Our time spent worrying was a waste.

Did we learn from these times? Do we continually drag ourselves through the mud, lose sleep, be short with our loved ones and miss opportunities to share our troubles, jealously guarding our burdens, only to find we wasted a lot of energy?

These fantasies played out in our heads, but did not ever come to pass.

In the gospel of Mark 4:33-34, Jesus teaches his disciples in parables. When they were alone with him, he explained all of these teachings so they could understand them.

The disciples, like us, can have overwhelming evidence of the goodness of God, but when a trial or test comes, we are full of doubt and worry, finding ourselves questioning how we will endure what lies before us.

In the Bible, in Mark 4: 35-41, when the sun goes down and darkness sets in, we must remember that Jesus said, “Let us cross over to the other side.”

This is not only a metaphor for us having the assurance of getting through our daily lives (trials and all), but that we will be taken to “the promised land” when our time comes.

Life is hard and challenges arise. The waves will crash against our boat and storms will come in the form of health issues, finances and job loss.

But let’s remember that our worry should not be disproportionate to the circumstance. Don’t forget who is in that boat with you.

If and when you feel like you could drown, let Christ Jesus comfort you. He stood up in the middle of the storm and said, “Peace, be still!”— and there was a great calm.

Look back at the evidence of your life. Are you still here? Did you get through? Did you sink in the middle and drown? Was all of the worry and stress you envisioned even real?

You will get through today’s storm. Believe and have faith that he is with you in whatever you might be facing.

Jesus said, “Let us cross over to the other side.”

You can trust him to get you there. Let us put our hope, faith and trust in him.

James Giles is the new community chaplain at The Mustard Seed in Kamloops. In his early years, Giles fell into the deep, dark waters of drug dependence and nearly drowned. Since finding Christ, Giles has made a life transformation, trusting in Jesus to get him “to the other side.” Giles will be pursuing his theology degree this fall. You can find him serving at The Mustard Seed, downtown at 181 Victoria St. West, offering spiritual comfort, guidance and support to both guests and staff.

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