From Blue River to Kamloops — with love

Blue River Sledz decided to send some surplus clothing from their shop to help those in need living in Kamloops

An independent business in Blue River is showing some generosity after donating a hefty amount of clothing to the homeless.

Blue River Sledz, owned by Daniel Hardes, and wife Cheri Ewen, decided to send some surplus clothing from their shop to help those in need living in Kamloops, through their friend Kasey Quinn, who made the delivery.

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“Blue River Sledz had a bunch of clothing, like boots and jackets,” Quinn said.

“They had it all in the community hall for quite a while and tried to donate it towards people in Blue River, but everybody pretty much had all the stuff they needed, so we figured we’d donate it towards the less fortunate in Kamloops.”

“We all go down when we can and grab stuff for each other, so Cheri asked if I could drop some stuff off and I said absolutely,” Quinn said

Ewen said the original intent when they bought Blue River Sledz seven years ago was to have all the appropriate snowmobiling gear, including warm clothes, available for those who show up and don’t have winter gear.

“We have never had to use it, ever, and got tired of having it kicking around,” she said.

“We tried donating it to the community hall and it’s been sitting there for about a year with nobody doing anything with it, so we thought, well, let’s ship it off to Kamloops, there’s somebody there for sure that can use it.”

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