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Hall of Kamloops talks life-changing involvement in Rust Valley Restorers

Season 3 debuts on Thursday, Feb. 18, on History channel and features a touching Kamloops storyline
Avery Shoaf, Mike Hall, Connor Hall
Avery Shoaf (from left), Mike Hall and Connor Hall are back for another season of Rust Valley Restorers, the Tappen-based vehicle restoration show.

Mike Hall is staving off golden years.

The Rust Age is just too much fun.

“You don’t wake up at 62 and figure, ‘Oh, yeah. I want to be a TV star,’ you know what I mean?” Hall told KTW earlier this week.

“I’ve tried not to let it change who I am and where I came from. I’m still a Kamloops guy. I’m a rock scaler that ended up on a TV show.”

Season 3 of Rust Valley Restorers will debut at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18, on History channel, giving viewers a chance to catch up with the personalities that drive the show, including Hall, who runs Rust Bros Restorations in Tappen, his son Connor, a Kamloops resident, and Avery Shoaf, who lives in Scotch Creek.

Episode 1 of the car restoration documentary series features several narratives, but one seems likely to stand out to viewers across the country, with Hall and the Rust Valley crew racing to complete a vehicle for an ailing friend from Kamloops.

“I don’t really want to talk much about his passing and his illness, but it was a pretty poignant moment and we were really hoping that he would get to go for a drive in that car, but things went downhill really fast,” said Hall, who is now 64.

“But it was really cool to take his wife and kids for a drive.”

Seasons 1 and 2 were picked up by streaming giant Netflix, unlocking a worldwide audience and opportunities for business that did not exist a few years ago.

“People are coming up to me wherever I go asking for selfies,” Hall said, noting Paul Teutul Sr. of Orange County Choppers called to say he is a fan of the show. “We’ve had people from all across the planet stop in and say hi.

“Every year when the show starts airing, my daughter hates my guts. We’ll start getting 100, 200 emails a day, so I kind of delegate all that and piss a lot of people off.”

Gearheads may be interested to know which machines appear in Season 3.

Among the builds: 1971 Camaro, 1968 Beaumont, 1960 Unimog, 1947 Willys Jeep, 1955 Bel Air Wagon and a rare 1956 Ford COE.

Kamloops hot rod shop Dubs Kustoms will feature prominently in most of the History offering’s 12 episodes.

The episode on Thursday also goes for a float on Shuswap Lake, as Shoaf attempts to avoid another scuttling of the Spirit of Kelowna paddlewheeler, which sunk under suspicious circumstances in 2013.

(Spoiler alert: an underwater diving excursion does not end well for Hall).

Corus Entertainment and History executives will decide whether the show is picked up for a fourth season. Netflix brass will make a similar decision on Season 3.

“It’s been a pretty wild ride,” Hall said. “I don’t have a say on whether the show continues. It’s up to the fans and the network. If they want to do it again, we’ll keep doing it.”