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Healing, strength through music

The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops have two more concerts in this season: May 28 and June11.

The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops’ Enneamuse, as presented on April 23 by contralto Theresa Takacs and pianist Dimiter Terziev, is a fine example of the pleasure gained from openness to different philosophies.

Who really knows from where healing and strength come?  

Music, certainly. Could it also come from understanding the interior forces of personality? Do the nine types in the Enneagram theory give us a clue?
The beauty in Takacs and Terziev’s presentation is in how well they are described.

Changes in voice, rhythm, dynamics and pitch make it easy to identify people we know or have known.

You might find yourself there, too.   

The lyrics describe strengths and failings of each type, as well as prescriptions for overcoming the latter.

Its entirety conveys the idea that our basic personality type only works to our advantage if we honour connections outside of ourselves.  
The route to this concert was circuitous.

Takacs discovered Sarah McMahill, musician, composer and multimedia artist, and attended her Enneagram sessions in Minneapolis.

McMahill had written a song with piano accompaniment to illustrate each type.   

Takacs thought, “I could sing that as a concert program.”

Fortunately, she is assisted by Terziev, whose sensitive playing breathe life into the descriptions.   

Other pieces on the program —  two prior to the main work and two after — include an opera aria from Gluck’s Orpheo, a song of romantic angst by Brahms and two songs from 20th-century musicals: Bali Ha’i from South Pacific and Look to the Rainbow from Finian’s Rainbow.  

This concert is online until May 7. 

The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops have two more concerts in this season: May 28 and June11.  

Tickets and information are on the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops website at