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Business building on Tk'émlúps lands

Band-owned businesses develop diverse and robust revenue streams for Tk'émlúps
Tkemlups gas station car wash
The Tk'émlúps Petro-Canada gas station at Highway 5 and Shuswap Road is the second-busiest in the Kamloops area.

Tk’emlups Petro Canada / Carwash

Cal Bagshaw knows the key to a successful business is a solid plan, good people, excellent training, and pride in the work being done. As manager of the second busiest gas station in Kamloops, he has seen this successful business grow substantially since the franchise began.

The station is a one-stop shop for residents on the Tk’emlups land and travellers on the busy stretch of the Yellowhead Highway. Featuring a six-lane gas station, a car wash, convenience store, Chester’s Fried Chicken, and the recent addition of wholesale lubricant sales, this band-owned business sees revenue sales in the range of $18 million per year, up from $13 million in 2016 when they won a 2016 B.C. Aboriginal Business Award.

“Our staff of 28 is 85% first nations and 70% are local band members,” Bagshaw emphasizes. “We provide excellent training, and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are the best at what they do. Working here allows them to build skills and experience and they are a real source of pride for other members who see how our operation works.”

It’s not unusual to have lineups of cars waiting for service at the busy location that sees 30-35,000 vehicles pass by on an average day. “We make sure all of our equipment is working perfectly so those people who are making a point of coming here are not going to be disappointed,” says Bagshaw. “They know they can count on us.”

Always looking to reinvest into the growth of the business and anticipate the consumer needs of the future, the station recently installed a third fuel storage tank to keep up with demand. Cal, chief and council, and the KIB Utilities Corporation, who run the station, are looking at evolving trends in the market by looking at installing EV fast charging stations as well.

“The economic development group is a great team to work with,” Bagshaw states emphatically. “This business is successful because of the strong planning and business processes they have set up.” As a business owned by the band, the Petro Canada and Carwash is part of an ongoing plan by the Economic Development team to maintain a diverse and robust portfolio of revenue streams that will support members for generations to come.