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Mastermind Studios wants to get cooking in Kamloops

The Kamloops studio wants to create a commercial kitchen for TV shows and more
Mastermind Studios’ chief executive officer and executive producer Peter Cameron-Inglis: “We want to add more flavour to the City of Kamloops.”

The northern wing at Mastermind Studios may soon be home to a commercial kitchen set.

The full service video production company, located at 954 Laval Crescent in Southgate, is conducting a feasibility study to gauge the community’s interest in its vision to host cooking shows — and to collect feedback about potential uses for the proposed commercial kitchen when it is not being used for film and photography projects.

“We’re trying to add to Kamloops, not take away or compete or create any problems for anybody,” said Peter Cameron-Inglis, Mastermind Studios’ chief executive officer and executive producer.

“We want to work with various organizations, supporting various non-profits and helping supporting various different businesses, not just standard businesses that might be looking for something unique — even businesses in the culinary arts — we want to know if there are ways that we can leverage this [idea] to support them.”

Cameron-Inglis is optimistic that a commercial kitchen set could serve to attract producers from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops, as well as from other provinces.

Conversely, he thinks there could be opportunities for content specialists who currently travel long distances to film cooking shows in Vancouver.

“There’s a couple of Indigenous cooking shows that are in the region that are currently travelling to Vancouver to film,” Cameron-Inglis said. “Our hope is that they would look at filming here, and working with us in order to travel ]to Kamloops] instead of going so far away.”

Additionally, Cameron-Inglis is hopeful producers from Vancouver may be able to travel to Kamloops for filming opportunities when sets are not available for bookings in their home region, ultimately with the hope of boosting the local economy for others.

However, the reality of downtime from filming and photography could prove to be an asset to other businesses in the area.

“Before we invest a whole lot of money into it, we need to understand all of the costs that relate to it and speak with all of the different regulators, from health inspectors to permits from the city,” he said.

“We want to make sure that we understand the entire nature of what we’re doing and what all those costs related to it are, so that we can see if there’s a return on investment.”

Masterminds Studios’ feasibility study will result in an internal business case to provide insights into the benefits, costs and risks of justifying the proposed commercial kitchen set for new and existing clients alike.

The feedback it receives from roughly 30 of the studio’s existing network of clients and other members of the community will be evaluated before a decision is made.

Cameron-Inglis remains optimistic the appetite for a commercial kitchen could result in a one-stop shop for many individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations before spring.

“We want to add more flavour to the City of Kamloops,” he said, noting the community has a diverse culinary arts culture.

To offer your input about how you might be able to utilize a commercial kitchen, email with your ideas.