The Neverending Story: Kids! You tell us how the tale ends

Kids of Kamloops, here is your chance to write the final chapter for The Neverending Story, which is the feature part of the KTW Cain’s Kids Page, which appears every two weeks in the print edition of Kamloops This Week.

We started it, you have continued it.

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Now, we need an ending from a student enrolled between kindergarten and Grade 7.

As always, the chosen entry will appear in the newspaper and the author will win a prize.

Read the story thus far and send in your conclusion.
Limit your submission to 150 words. Perhaps your tale will be added!

Email the next chapter to Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 22, at 5 p.m.



Chapter 1

Bobby always wanted to go to space.

Chris Hadfield was his hero and Bobby, now in Grade 4, could not wait until he was old enough to become an astronaut. One day in class, while staring out the window at Mount Paul, Bobby saw something that made his heart leap.

“Maybe,” he thought to himself, “I won’t have to wait until I am older to visit space!”

Chapter 2 (written by Danica Cain)

“A rocket ship!” Bobby cried in delight.

Indeed, a space shuttle had landed on the back field of Mount Paul School. The grass was scorched. Thank goodness it was winter or the entire building would be on fire.

Then the high side door folded down and two astronauts walked down the ramp. Bobby sprang from his seat and bounded to the door. He raced over to the astronauts and skidded to a stop at their feet.

“Hello!” Bobby cried. “Can I come to space with you?” he asked.

“Can you fix a rocket ship?” one of the astronauts asked.

“I think so . . .” Bobby said.

He walked over and gasped. On the bottom of the rocket was a blue-skinned, skinny creature with huge eyes, staring up at him.

“Can you help me?” the creature hissed.

“I want to, but how?” Bobby replied.

Then the alien reached out and touched Bobby’s hand.

Chapter 3 (written by Hailey Traynor, a kindergarten student)

All of a sudden, two ears popped out of Bobby’s head and he turned green, just like the alien. They became friends.

The alien needed help finding his spaceship because he was on another alien’s spaceship.

While they were holding hands, they began to float up to the universe.

Chapter 4 (written by siblings Ava and Juliet Lavigne. Ava is in Grade 1 and Juliet is in Grade 4)

Wow!” said Bobby. “What’s happening?”

The blue alien answered without speaking: “We are ascending to the mother ship to grab some more supplies. It’s hovering just above the clouds.”

Bobby was amazed he could hear his new friend’s thoughts. He thought that was so fun!

Then they began to do somersaults and cartwheels in the air.

They rose above the clouds and there, lo and behold, was a beautiful spacecraft the size of Sandman Centre.

Chapter 5 (written by Emma Garossino, who is in Grade 3)

Once they were on the ship, Bobby and the alien — whose name was Moon — heard some scuffling sounds.

“What’s that,” Bobby asked.

“Probably just Sparkles, my dog,” Moon the alien replied.

Right then, a creature with four long ears and seven legs came out, covered in sparkles.

“Oh!” said Bobby.

Then, everything suddenly went pitch dark.

Chapter 6 (written by Sophie Leadley, who is in Grade 5.)

In the dark, all Bobby could hear was the shuffling of seven legs across the hard floor of the rocket.

All he could see was the dim light of a red dwarf star in the distance, alongside two other stars. Bobby couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a planet orbiting the three stars.

They landed on the planet and started searching the misty atmosphere for the mother ship. The planet was a lot like Earth, but with twiggy ground and sparkling purple water.

Bobby gasped. The sky was an incredible sight. Stars were aligned and getting ready to set. Looking off into that distance, Bobby then saw that one side of the planet was night.


How does the story end? You tell us in 150 words or less! The winning entry will be added to this story in the May 24 edition of KTW. Deadline to enter is May 22 at 5 p.m.

Email the next chapter to

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