The Neverending Story wants the next chapter from you

We started a story and want students in kindergarten to Grade 7 to continue the tale each week by sending in the next chapter —to a maximum of 120 words. The first three chapters are below, including chapter 2 by Skylar Jahnke, who is in Grade 7, chapter 3 by Annabella Kidd, who is in Grade 7, chapter 4 by Benjamin Johnson, who is in Grade 6, and chapter 5 by Kiera McGrath , who is in Grade 5

KTW’s Neverending Story is back.

We started a story in the April 22 print edition delivered to homes and want students in kindergarten to Grade 7 to continue the tale each week by sending in the next chapter —tot a maximum of 120 words.

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That story beginning can also be read below.

Each week, we will choose the next chapter from all submissions and publish it in the newspaper and online at The student writer whose chapter is chosen will win a prize. All other writers who enter are encouraged to send in subsequent chapters each week, as the story progresses.

Also on the KTW Kids’ Page each Wednesday are jokes and a riddle to be solved, with those sending in the correct answer being entered in a draw for a prize.

If you are a student in kindergarten to Grade 7 and wish to add to the story below, email your chapter — no longer than 120 words — to And pick up each Wednesday edition of KTW and enjoy the jokes and take a shot at solving the riddle!

The Neverending Story 2020:

Having to stay home every day because of the pandemic is so boring for Jack and his sister, Ruby.

They are twins, but don’t look alike. But they do think alike and both decided to explore Peterson Creek Park behind their house once their homework was done.

“Quick, let’s go now, before mom makes us do chores!” Jack said.

The siblings ran through the backyard and into Peterson Creek just before mom could stop them.

There, in the park, Jack and Ruby crossed a familiar bridge, but then saw a trail that seemed new to them.

Peering down the trail, which was crowded with trees, they saw a coyote and a skunk.

Were the animals waiting for the kids to follow them? And did Jack and Ruby really hear the coyote and skunk calling their names?

Jack looked at Ruby. Ruby looked at Jack. Then the kids slowly walked toward the coyote and skunk.

(The next part was written by Skylar Jahnke, who is in Grade 7.)

The coyote and skunk waited as the children approached before turning and walking off.

Jack stopped, confused, until the coyote turned and gave a beckoning flick of his tail. Ruby ran before Jack, a smile spreading from cheek to cheek as she chased after the animals. Jack followed, wearing a curious grin.

After a while of walking and the animals looking to see if they were still being followed, their guidance led the group to a tucked-away meadow.

“Pretty!” Ruby squealed.

They played for hours. The kids forgot all their worries as time passed.

The fantasy was broken. They heard their mother calling.

Ruby waved goodbye.

“We’ll see you tomorrow!” Jack giggled before taking his twin’s hand and walking away.

(The next part was written by Annabella Kidd, who is in Grade 7.)

As Jack and Ruby headed on their way home, they both heard branches snapping behind them.

“Did you hear that?” Jack asked Ruby.

“Yes,” Ruby replied, thinking of the worst.

The two started to walk faster until they finally made it home. They walked into the house, looking for their mom, who called them just minutes earlier.

Ruby had a very uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach when, all of a sudden, the twins heard the glass shatter from an upstairs window.

“RUNNN!!!!” Jack shouted.

Ruby and Jack made a run for the door sprinting away from the house without turning back. Somehow, they found themselves face to face with the coyote and skunk once again.

(The next part was written by Benjamin Johnson, who is in Grade 6.)

They realized they were back at the fox and the skunk and they slowed their sprint to a jog, then to a walk. After about three seconds of animals following them, they both yelled, “You guys did it, didn’t you? You probably got some burglars to follow you to our home!”

The animals gave them that wicked smile that always read, “Yes, you got me, but you won’t be going anywhere.”

Then both of the animals put on the evilest face Jack and Ruby had ever seen.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, three masked men and one masked woman came from bushes.

“I’m assuming she’s the leader,” thought Ruby.

(The next part was written by Kiera McGrath , who is in Grade 5.)

ust then, Jack tried to run, but one of the men caught him.

“How will we get away?” thought Ruby, who knew her brother was thinking the same thing.

At that same moment, there was a loud crash. They looked to where they heard the sound and saw the twins’ mother.

“Sorry I was late,” said their mom to the masked people. That’s when the masked lady spoke up, in an icy voice: “That’s fine, boss.”

Ruby and Jack gasped and looked over at their mom. She smiled back an evil smile and laughed in a cruel way that made Ruby shiver.

“I’ll take them now,” their mom said.

And with that, she grabbed them by the arms.


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