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Vintage Kamloops flatbed truck finds new life as floral resting place

Dusted off from decades of storage, the City of Kamloops has re-purposed one of its early-day workhorses — a 1947 GMC truck, giving it a new life as part of a permanent flower display
truck garden flowers City of Kamloops
This City of Kamloops 1947 GMC truck has been given new life as part of a permanent flower display at the corner of Bunker Road and McGill Road.

The next time you head to the Bunker Road recycling depot and yard waste site in the McGill commercial area, keep your eyes peeled for an interesting new landmark.

The corner of Bunker Road and McGill Road is now home to a colourful floral display anchored in a unique-looking vintage truck.

The 1947 GMC one-ton truck harks back to the early days of the City of Kamloops’ public works fleet that worked the streets of a growing city.

Its simple, green-coloured paint is a stark contrast to the modern-day mindset of the city’s corporate branding, which is seen in the public works vehicle fleet of today — emblazoned with branding logos using hues of orange, yellow, green and blue.

The flatbed’s display will continue throughout the year with the change of seasons as city gardeners will amend its look.

It’s an idea deserving of two thumbs up — green thumbs.