Virtual yoga classes during the pandemic

Angie Edgson is offering 30 days of yoga and meditation sessions to help those experiencing fears about the ongoing crisis

A Kamloops yoga instructor is helping her fellow residents relax amidst the growing COVID-19 pandemic that has many self-isolating in their homes.

Angie Edgson is offering a free trial of her online yoga and meditation sessions to help those experiencing fears about the ongoing pandemic. She is one of many people and businesses in Kamloops conducting virtual fitness classes.

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“Due to the intense need for peace and sanity right now, I am offering a full 30 days free of gentle yoga, meditation and much more inside my online yoga studio: Yoga Club with Angie,” Edgson posted to her business’s Facebook page.

Edgson told KTW now is a time when people need to pull together and support each other, noting meditation helps to calm the nervous system.

“We need to give everything that we can right now, give things away for free, because people don’t know what their work situation is, so I just thought compelled to give stuff away,” she said.

It was a natural move for Edgson, who has been offering online classes in addition to the ones she teaches at a brick and mortar location downtown. People have been taking her up on the free trial, which involves live, online classes and access to archived sessions.

It’s a method of carrying on with life amidst the pandemic that’s very much in line with social distancing requirements now in place to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The onset of the pandemic led to Edgson choosing to close down her downtown location at the Yoga Loft on Seymour Street, where she rents space. She said she has been getting positive feedback regarding the remote classes giving people peace of mind during the outbreak.

“We’re all doing it at the same time, but they’re in their house and I’m in my house and we’re in our pyjamas sometimes,” Edgson said with a laugh.

Edgson said there are times when fear and anxiety over the virus creeps into her thoughts.

“Sometimes in the morning when I wake up, there’s this flash of like, ‘Oh my God, what is happening?’ You think you’re in a dream, but then you wake up and realize it’s not a dream because this is the stuff of people’s nightmares, let’s be honest,” she said.

The skills developed through yoga and meditation, however, allows to observe her thoughts and feelings without obsessing over them, she said.

When Edgson leaves her home to get groceries, she notices people are scared, but said that is when important action needs to be taken.

Edgson said she sees the the social distancing measures being taken to curtail the outbreak as an opportunity for humanity to evolve.

“It’s terrible and it’s horrible and it’s different, but I feel out of this is going to come the opportunity — already everything’s slowing down, we’re not putting as much pressure on the environment because we’re not driving around, we’re not flying around, we’re not consuming. We might be on a reduced income so we’re not going to shop our faces off. People are staying home with their kids. Everything that needs to happen in society is happening as a result of this shutdown.”

Edgson also raises money for local charities through her yoga membership and has raised $303 for the Kamloops Food Bank, which is in need of donations during the pandemic.

• Tournament Capital Strength and Conditioning and K Spin Indoor Cycling Studio are also offering virtual classes.

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