Y String Kids Campaign: Help KTW’s Press Time help the kids of Kamloops

When I hear the word “draft,” I assume it is being used to describe a great skill.

Cyclists draft to conserve energy in a race,  hockey players anticipate hearing their name in the NHL Entry Draft and actors see their first draft of a movie script.

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I received an email from the Y’s Cheryl Breitkreutz that Kamloops This Week has in fact been “drafted” to take part in the YMCA-YWCA Strong Kids Challenge. 

Our team, aptly named Press Time, will go head to head  with about 10 other corporate teams in the friendly competition, with one important goal — helping 1,000 kids in Kamloops.

Our first event to launch the campaign took place Monday night at St. Andrews on the Square, where Y CEO Colin Reid and his crew hosted teams with a wine and cheese soiree to learn more about where the funds will go. 

Surprisingly absent was Adam Donnelly’s (a.k.a. Big Dawg) team from CFJC-TV

I then realized it was most likely strategic to avoid the vino and crackers and let the other teams consume more calories.  

On Monday, we heard from a mom of five daughters who was suffering from severe post-partum depression and was in a very dark place. 

The light at the end of her tunnel was found at the Y as it became her happy place, her safe place. 

Her kids found playcare and they are all thriving. 

Having accessible, affordable programs for kids and families to give them a great start at physical and mental health is vital. 

One hundred per cent of money raised will go directly to these kids.  

It may sound like a cliché, but every little bit truly does help. If every home receiving this newspaper donated $3, that would take care of 1,000 kids in Kamloops. 

That would allow us to draft at the back for the rest of the race.

Donate online here.

Tara Holmes penned the first instalment for Press Time. Fellow members will chronicle their experiences in the Y Strong Kids Campaign in future print editions of KTW and online at kamloopsthisweek.com.

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