A lot has changed for Aaron Pritchett

Vancouver-born country music star looks back ahead of coming tour, which includes a Kamloops show

Aaron Pritchett says his music has changed a lot over the years.

“My voice was incredibly different back then from what it is now,” Pritchett told KTW ahead of his show next month in Kamloops.

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“There’s maturity, for one, but for two, experience in the studio makes so much of a difference,” he said.

That maturity came even after Pritchett himself was fully grown. He was 32 when Consider This hit the Canadian country music scene.

Pritchett’s second album, Something Goin’ On Here, was aptly named, as his single New Frontier garnered him some attention and radio play.

“I was grasping at what radio people would like back then — like New Frontier for example. Radio people still come up to me to this day and say, even though it was 2004, that song was a game changer for Canadian country music,” he said.

His success continued in 2006 with the hit single Hold My Beer, which saw plenty of radio play, hit number nine on the Canadian country charts and went viral online.

Pritchett has been on those same Canadian country charts ever since.

As for the studio, Pritchett said his producers have also helped him develop and mature into the artist he is today, crediting Tom McKillip and Scott Cooke for the influence they have had on his music.

“I can go in there with an idea of how to sing a song, but the producer is the one who can say, ‘why don’t you try this?’ Or this inflection, or this phrasing for a certain line in a song, so it’s huge,” he said.

In 2017, Cooke was nominated for a Canadian Country Music Award for record producer of the year for his work on Pritchett’s album The Score.

Another thing that’s changed for Pritchett? His mentality and approach toward music, he said.

“I’ll be honest. The music industry has taken its toll in a lot of ways with my family, so I have to approach my music and industry and business in a much different way than I did even five years ago,” he said.

That different approach means Pritchett has changed his priorities, putting his family — which includes his wife and three sons, one in his teens and two in their 20s — at number one, spending as much time as he can with them.

“So I’m keeping the industry on the list, but it’s got to be number two on the list,” he said.

Despite being number two on the list of his priorities, Pritchett has managed a lot in the past year.

He’s on the verge of releasing his new EP Out on the Town, due out Jan. 11. The EP’s first single, Worth a Shot, was a top-10 track on radio for four weeks straight, and the latest single, Better When I Do, was just released.

He’s also about to go on tour — which he said is the reason he does what he does, even though it can be tiring. His coming tour features 36 shows across a 40-day stretch.

“It’s going to be exhausting because I know every time I go out there I give everything I’ve got and I’ll be wringing my shirt out after because I’m pouring sweat,” he said.

That stretch includes two shows in Kamloops at Cactus Jack’s Nightclub, 130 Fifth Ave., beginning at 7 p.m. on Jan. 16 and Jan. 17. Tickets are $30 and available online at kamtix.ca. The show will also feature Kira Isabella and David James.

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