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Chamber Musicians of Kamloops rise to pandemic’s challenge

The latest concert — Bonjour Printemps — can be viewed online until April 3 at 10 p.m.
Chamber Musicians of Kamloops Bonjour

Fans of chamber music have until April 3 to catch the latest concert — Bonjour Printemps — from the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops.

The online concert is available to view on the group’s website — at — for a minimum ticket price of $15.

Nothing could be further from the essence of chamber music than the way it is, of necessity, presented in this pandemic era.

Richard Walthew, a composer of chamber music, described it as the music of friends. Bonjour Printemps capitalizes on that and comes close to that intimate experience for both performer and audience that is so unique to chamber music.

Sally Aria (clarinet), Naomi Cloutier (piano) and Catharine Dochstader (flute) have performed together for a very long time. In Catharine’s words: “As performers, we must agree on many issues within the music. For example, who leads different sections. The music is a social interaction between us with no one person dominating the conversation. It is imperative that we get along.”

The close friendship they’ve developed takes the aloneness out of home viewing.

The program includes works by Bizet and Fauré to honour French Language Day and works featuring birds, gardens and flowers by Vivaldi, Reade and Ewazen to mark the fist day of spring. It is extremely listenable music.

My advice is to find the device in your home with the best audio and treat the concert as a radio program. Set a visual of the performers, the carefully placed greenery and the backdrop of dove-grey drapery — then close your eyes.

The concert is online until Saturday, April 3, at 10 p.m.

Up Next

On April 17, the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops will present online a concert called Cantillation. It will stream live that day at 7:30 p.m. and remain available online until May 3 at 10 p.m.

Cantillation will feature the young flautist Bailey Finley and local Chamber Musicians of Kamloops veterans Sally Arai and Martin Krátký.

The spontaneous concert will feature Canadian music–mellifluous and resplendent works for flute, clarinet and cello — both solo and accompanied by pianist Alena Krátká. Included will be works by Glick, Jamieson, Etheridge, Sung, Enescu, Bozza, Friedman and Clarke.