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Entertained and educated at final concert of season

The Slide Rule Trombone Quartet's performance can still be viewed online at for those who wish to buy a ticket
The Slide Rule Trombone Quartet is based in the Okanagan Valley. From left: Wade Dorsey, Gordon Waters, Bob Rogers, and Angus Armstrong.

Four friendly fellows and their various-sized trombones put on a lively show at the Chamber Musicians of Kamloops concert on Saturday, May 27.

All four have years of experience playing in orchestras and bands. As explained at the concert, when the pandemic hit, it was vital to find some way of connecting with other players, which is how the Slide Rule Trombone Quartet was formed.

Composed of Angus Armstrong, Wade Dorsey, Bob Rogers and Gordon Waters and based in the Okanagan Valley, the quartet’s performance at Kamloops United Church was surprisingly varied and throughout contained the excitement of the unexpected effects that only a trombone can add.

Thanks to a question from the audience, we learned how a trombone, with only seven slide positions, can play a tune. It is all in the lips, as tenor player Rogers demonstrated on his instrument’s mouthpiece.

The quartet has a very nice stage presence and is sure to do well as it continues to perfect its program.

The Slide Rule Trombone Quartet performed in the final Chamber Musicians of Kamloops concert for the 2022/2023 season, but it can still be viewed online at for those who wish to buy a ticket to watch the show on the web.

Next year’s lineup is nearly finalized and will be posted on the organizations website at As has become tradition, the season will open with the Sycamore String Quartet, featuring Cvetozar Vutev, Sandra Wilmot, Martin Kratky and Ashley Kroecher and joined by clarinetist Sally Arai on Sept. 16. A special tribute is in the works.